Do you know what? The Makeover Guy really does some special work. When people hear about him, they’re so excited that they make meeting him one of their goals.

That was one of Diane’s goals once she knocked out another major one. After being obese since age 5, she embarked on a weight loss program that helped her shed 117 pounds! With the help of Overeaters Anonymous, she worked extremely hard to drop the weight.

In her pre-makeover video, Diane says:

“I just want to look like a better me. I feel better and I just want to look a little better. . .I’ve waited most of my life to be at a normal weight and I just want to take advantage of it.”

Ready to make another big change in her life, Diane looked Christopher up after seeing him on Oprah’s show years ago. We see that she has some gray in the front of her semi-bob ‘do, but she’s open to some change. She decides to let Christopher do anything with her hair, but she still wants to keep some of the white in the front.

One of the things Christopher is consistent with is being creatively on-point when given the ability to take liberties. With Diane giving him the go-ahead to do anything, there’s no doubt that the end result will be nothing short of amazing. There’s also no doubt that this woman will leave her makeover with a 20-mile smile on her face!

You can see the wheels turning in Christopher’s mind as he plays around in Diane’s wet hair. She told him that working with the curls in her hair has been difficult, but she doesn’t want to give up on them. Knowing that, he is envisioning what to do with her hair. We see her dry hair get trimmed and styled into a shorter cut, but how will it turn out?

Image of woman getting a dry cut.The Makeover Guy

Fabulous! That’s how. Diane’s bare face is transformed with just a tiny hint of warm hues. That soft lavender eye shadow is the perfect shade, and now you can see a glimmer in her eyes. Her eyebrows have been shaped too. But it’s that hairstyle that takes the cake.
Christopher did a 5-star job with this short cut, and the coloring looks so pretty on Diane. What makes it all the more phenomenal is hearing Diane say this:

“It actually was in my head this way that my hair could look like this someday if I was thin. . .”

Aw, Diane! We’re excited that she got the chance to achieve two of her transformation goals, especially because she looks gorgeous. And we’re more excited that she feels great, so much so it sounds like she has special plans for the evening. Can you see the glow and 1000-mile smile?
Click on the clip below to see Diane’s reaction and to hear about how she thinks her hubby will react. The Makeover Guy struck gold again with this one!

What do you think of Diane’s makeover? Can you relate to her personal journey and reasons for wanting a change?