When some people go for makeovers, there can be a little apprehension mixed in with the excitement. Unsure of whether they’ll like how it turns out, many people keep their expectations somewhere in the middle, but with high hopes.

Attitude has a lot to do with it. You might go all in or you might set lots of boundaries. Sitting in front of a mirror as you watch the transformation unfold can tip the pole towards one end or the other. Ms. Barbara took a trip to Minneapolis to meet the Makeover Guy – Christopher Hopkins – with a peppy attitude and a tall glass of optimism.

So much so, after hearing her speak one sentence I’m excited for her. Tugging on her long gray locks, she declares: “I’d really like to look how I feel inside, and this isn’t doing it.” Tell it, Barbara! During her intro video, she shares that she’s 70 years old and she feels it is time to NOT look quite like her age.
With that in mind, she lets Christopher know that he has freedom to do whatever he wants with her hair. She’s all in! That is his favorite kind of makeover and we can’t wait to see how it turns out. Christopher takes four scissor snips to the back of her mane and just like that, the length is chopped off. He shouts, “There! It’s adorable!”, and we know he’s just getting warmed up.

Image of woman in stylist chair.The Makeover Guy

Still flying high with a beaming smile on her face, Barbara looks like she’s ready for anything else that comes her way. It’s obvious she’s having fun and is down for all parts of this makeover. And what a wonderful thing that is because her reveal comes quickly and it’s. . .WOW. Just WOW. Is this the same woman?
The haircut, the hair color, and the light makeup look absolutely gorgeous on Barbara. After Christopher’s chop and styling job, his team took care of the rest. Barbara’s hair was dyed and a youthful color palette was used for her makeup. Her glasses were put away and the eyes were brightened with a few brush strokes.
If you didn’t know her age before, you would have pegged this lovely lady as being 20 years younger than her true age. In her giddy “after” segment, she can’t stop saying how much she loves it. Happy that she took a chance, Barbara admits that this style is not something she would have chosen for herself. She’s simply adores it.
Click on the clip below and share in Barbara’s unfettered joy and excitement at her new look. She had other salon-goers smiling at her stunning transformation too. No way she’s 70 years old. Not on the outside or inside. And that’s exactly the way she wanted it. She walked in with a sparkling and sweet personality, and now both have been amplified! The Makeover Guy did it again.

What do you think of Barbara’s amazing makeover? Are you itching for a new look that matches how you feel inside too?