Do you enjoy a nice, hot plate of fries? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? The downside of fries (that none of us want to talk about) is that they’re not very good for you, especially when they’re deep fried and covered in salt. Delicious? Yes. Great for your arteries? Not so much. The quickest solution beyond cutting fries entirely out of your life – which would be lunacy – is making them a little healthier for you! Use these three light, fresh vegetables to make your homemade veggie fries! All the crispy deliciousness of fries with some better-for-you ingredients.

Not only are these fries based around veggies, but they’re made with other healthy ingredients like wheat germ and pumpkin seeds, too! This just keeps getting better and better.

Sweet Potato Fries – Is there ANYTHING better than sweet potato fries? With less fat and carbs, sweet potato fries are the healthier relatives of your regular fries. They’re so delicious, I don’t even miss normal fries. Season with olive oil and Parmesan for outrageous flavor.

Parsnip Fries – Never had a parsnip? Prepare to be amazed. These parsnip fries are so simple to make and are topped with an amazing nut butter and pumpkin seed sauce.

Zucchini Panko Fries – These zucchinis are not messing around. Coated in an egg and breadcrumb batter (that’s amazingly crispy) you will never think of regular fries again once you meet these veggie fries.

And what are fries without some amazing sauces to dip them in? Try these amazing dips and enjoy your healthy fries.