How to Make Christmas Ornaments Out of Everyday Objects!

Sure, you can go out and buy Christmas ornaments, but where’s the fun in that? Here at TipHero, we like to make our ornaments—and all of the rest of our holiday décor, for that matter! So, since now is the best time to show off your glitzy and artistic side, here are some gorgeous ornaments that you can make all on your own, courtesy of the brilliant DaveHax. Let’s get started!

  1. Button Christmas Tree

    Who said that mini trees had to be made out of only beads or paper?

    For this project, you will need a variety of assorted buttons (be sure to have a handful of small brown ones on hand!); green string; and 2 sewing needles.

    Get started on this ornament by threading your piece of green string, using your two needles looped onto both ends.

    String on about four of your brown buttons over each needle, so that the bottom stack of the brown buttons is supported by a curved loop shape. Then, slide on some of your assorted buttons, going from big to small. Tie off your green string, and enjoy your topsy-turvy hanging tree!

  2. Styrofoam Frosty

    A GREAT way to bring that classic snowman character to your Christmas tree!

    For this project, you will need 2 polystyrene balls, one larger than the other; a toothpick; a piece of decorative ribbon; a pipe cleaner; string; glue; permanent marker; and a bit of orange foam.

    Take your two Styrofoam balls and attach them one on top of the other by spearing the toothpick in their centers. Then tie the snowman’s ribbon “scarf” around its neck, using glue, if necessary. Coil up your pipe cleaner in a serpentine pattern so that it eventually resembles a hat.

    Glue onto your snowman’s head, and attach a string, if you’d like to have it hang. Finish Frosty up by drawing in his face and buttons. You can also use the orange foam to create his carrot nose. Cute!

  3. Glittery Snowflake Ornaments

    These glittery snowflakes are a classic craft! Definitely a must-have for any Christmas tree.

    For this project, you will need a glue gun; glitter glue sticks; grease-proof paper; and string.

    Insert your chosen color of glitter glue stick into your glue gun and start to apply the snowflake shape to your grease-proof paper. Stumped on how to make the pattern? Simply start with an “X” and add the angled edges to each side. Add a looped piece of string to the top of your snowflake, glue it on, and let it all set until dry.

    Finish up by peeling the ornament off of the grease-proof paper, and hang on your tree. Looks great!

For further instructions on these DIY ornaments, and to see two other bonus ones, be sure to watch DaveHax’s video below. This guy’s got some brilliant Christmas crafts up his sleeve!

What do you think of these Christmas ornaments? Have you made one of these before? Do you enjoy crafting during the holidays? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!