Here’s How to Make the Best Chemical-Free Home Fragrances!

Let’s face it, even if you keep to a perfectly-timed cleaning schedule, sometimes things, well, smell! Lifestyle guru Rachel Talbott’s motivation for developing good smells for her home is because “she lives with two stinky boys.” I’m sure many of you women out there can relate! Here are some of her most ingenious (and chemical-free!) DIY projects for a fresh smelling home.

  1. Disposal Refresher Cubes

    Most people just throw slices of lemon rinds down the drain when their garbage disposal starts to get stinky, but there is an alternate method to clearing the air, so to speak, that works even better.

    Dice both a lemon and a lime and place the bits evenly into an ice cube tray, mixing both the lemon and lime together. Then, pour white vinegar into each of the citrus-filled divots, and place the tray into the freezer. Wait 6-8 hours or until fully frozen.

    Once completely solid, you can now throw a couple of these cubes down your disposal. Let the motor run until it has properly cleared the contents below. At this point, the rotten food smell should be replaced with the fresh smell of lemon and lime. What a difference!

  2. Mason Jar Potpourri

    This form of potpourri is the best option for folks who want to create the effect of simmering potpourri, but do not want to keep any extra appliances running. To create one of these aromatic mason jars, all you need to do is add ingredients that smell good to you!

    Rachel drops in a full cut lime, some thyme, mint, and vanilla extract. After you have introduced the herbs, oils, or fruits, pour boiling water over your concoction and into the jar. Allow your potpourri to simmer, and enjoy the soothing fragrances in any part of your house.

  3. Herbal Sachets

    For those who love the smell of dried plants and flowers, this is the project for you! Go out and buy some small mesh sachets (Rachel says that she got hers at Michael’s), and prepare some yummy smelling herbs.

    Our host uses dried lavender and dried eucalyptus for her bathroom and dried rosebuds and dried lemon peels for her lingerie drawer, but you can custom create any herb combination that smells great to you! The best thing about these sachets is that they last! In fact, one of these little bags can keep its scent for up to six months.

    Simply place one in the area you’d like, and forget about it! If you are a person who enjoys a perfumed bath time, then hang one of the sachets from your shower head or place it under the running bath water. This hack takes relaxing to a whole new level!

  4. Citrus Boost Room Spray

    This is a great project if you’re searching for a cost-effective DIY room spray option.

    Start out by getting a glass spray bottle. Add about a teaspoon of Epsom salt into the spray bottle, followed by several drops of your favorite citrus themed essential oils like orange, lemon, and grapefruit. Lastly, fill the rest of the bottle with running water, shake it up, and start spraying away!

 Watch the video below to learn more details about these natural and effective concoctions!

Have you tried any of these scent-boosting hacks? What’s your favorite type of smell? Let us know all about your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!