Worn-out, stinky sponges that have seen their share of messes, germs, and dish grime don’t always get the timely send-off they deserve. Some people either forget to toss them when it’s long overdue or they just keep disinfecting them over and over.

Ideally, you’re stocked with fresh sponges so you can replace the old ones on a cycle. Experts say that kitchen sponges should be rotated out weekly, but how many of us are actually doing that? And don’t you wonder if there’s an alternative? There is.

Lo and behold, these magic silicone scrubbing gloves could be the answer to your sponge woes. Made from tear-resistant, waterproof silicone, they eliminate the need for scrub brushes or sponges. You simply slip them onto your hands and clean up.

Rub a little bit of soap on them and clean. Pots, pans, counters, dishes, furniture, baby items, and more can be scrubbed and sanitized with these magic gloves. If you need to carry something hot, give it the silicone glove treatment.

When using them in the kitchen, their gripping action prevents dishes from sliding through your fingers as you hold them. The rubber-like bristles are both effective for scrubbing and holding. If you are concerned about what’s in the silicone, then note that the material is BPA-free and food-grade.

We know you want to know about the gloves’ actual cleaning power. This product has gotten praise for cleaning up dish gunk like oil and stuck-on food, but also bathroom messes like old toothpaste and bathtub stains. However, we do suggest getting separate pairs for each cleaning task: kitchen, bathroom, cars, and pets.

Because these are made from silicone, you don’t have to worry about bacteria overgrowth and musty mildew odors. Dunk them into some hot water mixed with white vinegar to clean them and you’re good to go. Or, just boil them.

Another plus? These gloves protect your hands from temperature changes in the water as they can withstand hot water up to 320° F and of course, cold water. You can wash with no fears about scalding your hands while you do dishes, wash the dog, or clean your bathroom!

According to the product’s description: “The silicone gloves have heat resistance up to 160 degrees Celsius so they can be sterilized with boiling water or microwave ovens(2min). They can also be used to move hot dishes or to hold oven dishes.”

Hang them up to dry when you’re finished and they’ll live to see many more days. These are reusable and therefore better for the environment than sponges.

We don’t know how much you spend on sponges, but for $12.99, you can grab a pair or two of these and handle all of your chores, sanitizing them when needed. That can save you money in the long run on cleaning supplies!

To order a pair, click here. Even if you don’t clean with these, know they’ve also earned rave reviews from cat owners whose felines love to be stroked with the gloves.

Are you looking for a new alternative to cleaning with sponges? Have you already tried silicone cleaning gloves or sponges? Do you think they help with dish duty or other cleaning jobs?