In case you haven’t heard the stories, some celebrities are known to travel for work in buses that are steeped in luxury. And by that we don’t mean mobile homes with fully stocked fridges.

They are luxe. But I’m not sure if they’re built anything like the posh Volkner Mobil Performance S, the million-dollar mother of all motor coaches. Ahem. Volkner aptly describes their models as motorhomes, which come equipped with pretty much all the creature comforts of a traditional home.

This is what they do. The Germany-based company specializes in high-end motor homes that are designed according to the customer’s wants. A vehicle is chosen and decked out with whatever you’d like (including color and decor), and the starting price for their models is 300,000 euros.

What you see here is a top of the line, $1.7 million-dollar Mobil Performance S model that’s outfitted with a garage! This ain’t your average RV. It’s measures at 40 feet and includes a full kitchen. A dishwasher, flat cooktop, pantry, and dual sink are part of the kitchen’s construction.

In this part of the home you’ll also find ample shelving for wine glasses, dishes, and overhead storage. Customers also have the option of having an island built in.

The living room area has a dining table that’s hugged by cushy seating that can accommodate about eight people. If you don’t think that space is large enough for your needs, no worries, the wall slides out! And during the winter months, it stays heated.

Leather and wood line the entire cabin, including the driver’s seat, bedroom, and bathroom. Speaking of the bathroom, it’s heated. A walk-in shower with a detachable head sits next to the toilet, and it also has a separate sink and vanity. Oh, and there’s a mirrored medicine cabinet in there too to help you shave or style your hair.

When it’s time to go to sleep, a double bed keeps things comfy. But if you have a few extra bucks to throw around, you can also purchase a fold-out bunk that’s housed above the driver’s area. It’s an additional option if you’re interested.

To cap it off, your Ferrari will be safely tucked into the garage because it’s equipped with an electrohydraulic lift. No need to worry about heavy lifting or anyone chipping the paint because it’s hitched to a trailer.

Volkner’s latest model was created with the wealthy consumer in mind, and the price goes up if you want it to come with the car. Yeah, it’s an option.

The next time you want to take a road trip or cruise around Europe in style, you might want to get yourself one of these babies. Just make sure you order yours well in advance because they take about a year to get ready.

In the meantime, you can map out all the places you’ll travel – with your fancy sports car in tow. With one of these, you may decide to stay on the road forever.

Would you drive a motorhome like this? What do you think of all the luxurious features of the Performance S?