When you hear of a woman who’s living in a shipping container, you might feel uncomfortable or sad, you might be thinking how unfair that is or how inhumanely she must live. Well, think again. Brenda Kelly is an Australian native who hasn’t just figured out how to live off-the-grid in a shipping container, she’s figured out how to do it in style! Originally, Brenda started off by designing a 20 ft. long container home. Now she’s upgraded to a 40 ft. home with a gorgeous interior – and you won’t believe how luxuriously she lives.

Although her roomy container is large by tiny house standards, the space is still much smaller than your everyday house, which really makes it an alternative living marvel. She’s connected her 40 ft. container home to her old 20 ft. container home, and updated some of setups of various rooms.

Outdoor area in the shipping container.Living Big in a Tiny House

When you first walk into the container you are struck by a beautiful inside porch area; completely surrounded by glass, the outdoor seating area features a chic outdoor dining set and blinds that can be closed to hide the glass area when desired. But why would you want to do that?! The most amazing thing about this area is, as Brenda calls it, “the million dollar view,” which is just spectacular year-round; the space also has heating and air conditioning, so it’s perfect for outdoor entertaining despite the season.

The kitchen has a bold, modern design which we love. All appliances are energy-efficient and very compact, which leaves plenty of room for storage in this stylish and functional kitchen.

The kitchen area of Brenda's shipping container home.Living Big in a Tiny House

Spare beds are scattered throughout Brenda’s apartment, as you would expect in a tiny home. Her couch in the living room area has a pull-out trundle bed beneath (and a pull-out drawer for all her movies and books, which is super cool) and her desk in the nearby office space also miraculously doubles as a “desk bed.” Beds are literally folding out of all the walls, in pretty much every room – in total, Brenda’s home can sleep at least seven people, including herself.

There’s even a master bedroom with a Queen-sized bed and plenty of sneaky storage!

Brenda’s home is solar powered and even has the ability to collect rain water, like her 20 ft. container did. But with this larger home, it’s all also tied to the grid allowing her to also draw from the municipal supply. The rain water powers the toilet and washing machine found in the tiny bathroom. If Brenda has extra energy left over that she didn’t use that day, she’ll actually sell it back to the energy company, which is an absolutely brilliant way to live and make money.

How Brenda gets her solar energy.Living Big in a Tiny House

We love that her entire home is beautifully designed without being too over-the-top; everything Brenda needs to live comfortably is found inside her shipping container home, and it’s all arranged in an eco-friendly and efficient manner. It just goes to show you that you don’t need a whole lot to live in style!

What do you think of this shipping container home? Would you ever consider living in a space like this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.