If you had the chance to recognize an unsung hero in your world, would you jump on it? That’s exactly what the students at Bishop Manogue High School did for one of the workers at their school.

Kids from the Reno, Nevada school collaborated with the good folks from the Dude. be nice Project to surprise a food service worker who serves up more than their lunches each day. Lynn Marner had no idea what she was in for when the organization came for a visit.

Under the guise of filming a documentary on site, Brent, the CEO of Dude, set up an interview with Lynn who spoke about her work at the school, the students, and her personal life. She spoke really highly of the students but was unaware of their major plans.

She was also unaware that her interview answers were exactly what the group needed to pull out all the stops for their grand gesture. Her love for Memphis barbecue and her mom wound up being part of her gift.

Lynn is considered more than a lunch server at the school where she’s worked for years. You will hear these kids refer to her as a friend and “a hero without a cape” who makes everyone’s day better. They were really excited to show her some love and appreciation.

While she had many glowing things to say about the school and student body, when asked what she thought they would say about her, she said she had no idea. She really didn’t!

Thinking that it was just another day at work – with the exception of the documentary filming – Lynn was not expecting to be pulled away from her duties. She was also not expecting to be escorted to a table by one of the boys in a tuxedo.

The perfect setup! Watch her reaction when surrounded by the group of cheering students who offer her roses and hugs. We should’ve have warned you earlier, but it’s not too late to grab some tissues now.

They made her favorite meal and served it to her on a silver platter, and also sat down to eat with her. It was her turn to be taken care of for the day! But the kindness did not stop in that moment.

One of the things Lynn mentioned was how she missed her mother but that it was hard for her to travel back home sometimes. What they gifted her with next will pretty much make you bawl your eyes out. Watch and see!

The Dude. be nice project arranges these kindhearted stunts all the time with the aim of spreading compassion and goodwill to everyday people. It’s the little things that count, right?

For Lynn, she got a big dose of what she’s been giving to the students at Bishop Manogue and they decided to pay it back in an unforgettable way. Check out the whole video and get inspired!

What do you think of this grand, sweet gesture at this school? Have you been a part of something like this? Who can you think of that deserves a surprise like Lynn’s?