If you’ve been tuning into American Idol in this past weeks, then you know that things are beginning to get really tense. Judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan have just wrapped up the seemingly endless audition process and are finally in the notorious Hollywood Week phase.

For those of you who have somehow been living under a rock for the almost past two decades of the show, Hollywood Week is the time when things get really serious. The singers who wowed during the auditions are now officially contestants on the show, valiantly competing for the title of 2019’s American Idol.

Predictably, this is also the time when tensions are running high. While it’s a phase of the competition in which the singers must work together, it’s also one that is designed to throw them into the most stressful of situations. And, because this is reality TV, after all, you better believe the powers that be do anything they can to play with the emotions of the contestants.

During this season’s Hollywood Week, it was none other than Luke Bryan who was this season’s cruel puppet master. It all happened after a group of hopefuls was placed into a room together.

All three judges then entered the room where the slew of young, talented contestants sat on the floor awaiting the news–talk about nerve-racking! Richie, Perry, and Bryan walked in looking like their dogs had just died and obviously, the singers were worried right off the bat.

Bryan then spoke up and said something that no American Idol contestant wants to hear: “…I am sorry to let you guys know that your time here in Hollywood is over…”

The entire room erupted in devastation; these hopeful had just had their dreams dashed in a matter of seconds. Luckily, for them though, the country crooner had something else to add to his announcement:

“…cause you’re going to Hawai’i, you made it!”

Yep, this show REALLY knows how to mess with its contestants! Within one, very tense minute, the singers went from ruin to elation.

Though we doubt, the talented young folks particularly care about Bryan’s very cruel choice of phrasing now, Twitter absolutely did! Hundreds of tweets poured in from annoyed viewers, many of which looked like this:

Bryan didn’t leave them hanging–but he did add plenty of fuel to the fire!

Crazy stuff! We feel bad for the contestants, but we sure are happy to know that they are moving on in the competition–to Hawai’i, no less!

To watch this mean joke go down for yourself, be sure to watch the video below!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Luke Bryan’s prank. Are you surprised that he would do something like this? Who’s your favorite contestant this season? Who’s your favorite judge?