When Your New Shoes Are a Little Too Tight, Do THIS!

You bring home an awesome new pair of shoes…just to find your feet blistering as soon as you walk around the house. What to do? Do you return your find? Don’t even think about it. There is a simple and effective hack to loosen up too-tight shoes, and you can do it using a style necessity that you probably have in your home: a hair dryer! Watch the video below to see how you can use your hair dryer to nix uncomfortable new shoes.



The trick to stretching your shoes out using the heat of your blow dryer is to wear socks with your shoes. Very fashionable, we know.

But wearing socks with your new flats or heels will mimic that extra room that you need to wear your shoes comfortably – they basically trick your hair dryer into stretching wider than your actual feet. Tricky.

Put on your socks and your tight shoes, then turn on your blow dryer and put the heat over the tightest spot(s) on your shoe for a few seconds. In just moments, you’ll have a roomier shoe that you can show off comfortably!

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