Lonestar Singer Gives a Tribute To This Girl’s Dad

Legendary country music band, Lonestar, was performing at the Brooklyn Fair in Brooklyn, Connecticut when lead singer Richie McDonald noticed a girl in audience who was crying her eyes out during the concert. During a break, the front man approached her and asked her why she was crying, and she told him Lonestar was one of her father’s favorite bands – and her father, James, had just passed away. After hearing her story, McDonald invited the girl, Cecilia, on stage, although it’s clear she did know what was going on. Then he did something incredible.

McDonald introduced Cecilia to the large audience before bestowing her with a free Lonestar hat and t-shirt. She obviously looks confused, like she’s not quite sure what she’s doing up there! McDonald then explained to the audience what Cecilia had told him about her father recently passing away. McDonald told the crowd that was why he invited Cecilia up onstage, because he wanted to sing a song to her, just for her, so she could share a special moment with her father.

Cecilia was led to the edge of the stage, where she sat down in tears. McDonald then crouched down beside her and sing a classic Lonestar song, the band’s big hit single, “I’m Already There.” The song is about the enduring presence that a father, although he may not physically be there, still can have at his home. The lyrics of the song and the extremely special moment made Cecilia cry for the duration of the song, as well as more than a few members of the audience, we would wager.

Cecilia cries during a tribute to her late father.Brenna Meade
This was such a perfect number to sing to Cecilia; her dad’s favorite band, singing her this incredibly fitting song must have been very intense and emotional for her on so many levels. It definitely seemed that way based on her moved and very sad reaction, one I’m sure all of us would have also had.

After McDonald was done singing, he hugged Cecilia, and she went back out into the crowd. Understandably, the number (and Cecilia) got a huge standing ovation from the crowd, who must have been very moved by the story, the performance, and Cecilia’s heartbreaking reaction to the song.

What an incredible way to end a concert, with some real human connection; Lonestar is clearly a kind band of musicians who genuinely care about their fans.

Luckily for anyone who wasn’t in attendance at the Lonestar concert, YouTuber Brenna Meade recorded the whole number (including Cecilia being brought on stage and leaving stage) and uploaded it for the internet to cherish. And cherish it did. The video quickly went viral and people commented that this was already a beautiful song – but paired with this touching backstory? This video became such an emotional thing to watch, whether or not you know Cecilia or knew her father.

What do you think about this beautiful tribute to Cecilia father? Did it make you cry as hard as we did? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.