We all remember when we learned how to say the alphabet, right? There might even be a video of you saying the alphabet loud and proud to your family among your home movie collection. Well, we doubt you had such a fever for the alphabet as this little girl does. Two-year-old Violet Ogea, of Shreveport, Louisiana, sings a brilliant rendition of the alphabet song that has gone viral, and for good reason. This video of her dramatic performance has been viewed more than 3 million times on Facebook since her mother Christina posted it, leaving millions of viewers speechless over the girls extraordinary voice.

The video comes in about halfway through Violet’s powerful performance of the alphabet, somewhere around “H, I, J, K.” She’s on what looks like a school auditorium stage, as we can see handmade props and set pieces in the background. And that stage is exactly where Violet belongs.

This little girl doesn’t just sing with a serious passion – her fists are balled up and she’s basically jumping out her skin with excitement – but she obviously has a beautiful voice. They say your voice is always changing and maturing, but we can tell that this little girl has got some serious raw talent, even with her very young voice.

Violet has a lovely vibrato and a surprising amount of control with her singing voice – she even builds to a big finale! But nothing beats the look of pure exhilaration on her face. It’s obvious that performing on stage is where she’s happiest, which is a clear indication to us that this girl is going to be a Broadway star one day!

And we’re not alone in thinking so.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, one of the stars of the hit show Modern Family and a long-time Broadway talent, might be Violet’s biggest fan of all. Ferguson shared the video on his Facebook page, writing, “I can’t help but think this what Elaine Stritch was like as a child. Obsessed. #BigFinish.”

Violet’s mother Christina told CNN that her daughter has a growing passion for performing, and that she sings for her family regularly.

“She goes to Southfield School for preschool and everyday when I pick her up she runs to the theater and makes me and her brothers sit in the audience so she can sing for us. She really digs the acoustics in there. But she learns the songs at night when I rock her to sleep. She would start singing them back to me so I decided to start singing the alphabet to her so she could learn them. We are always playing music in our house, dancing with the kids and she just loves to sing for us all. And this is just the way she likes to sing.”

It’s so important that Violet’s family has incorporated music into her life! It has clearly transformed her into a young star-to-be.

With a passion this strong and a voice this good at such a young age, it’s clear that Violet has a calling! Like Ferguson, we’d like to imagine all of the great Broadway stars were just like Violet – rushing to the school theater to sing to their families almost every day. That being said, we hope Violet follows her passion! I think we all look forward to seeing this little superstar on the big stage one day!

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