This Little Girl Got a Big Surprise on Her Mom’s Wedding Day!

Weddings are certainly blessed occasions, but the ceremonies can have a tinge of tenseness, especially when they involve blended families. Nevertheless, one sweet and resourceful groom found a way to make his new stepdaughter feel like a princess on her mother’s special day. This guy seriously deserves a “Stepfather of the Year” award!

Diogo Bolant is a 37-year-old businessman based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil. When he and his fiancée Nicole first started planning their wedding ceremony, Diogo had the urge to include his soon-to-be stepdaughter, six-year-old Isadora, in the nuptials.

The little girl had already accepted her mother’s request for her to be the maid of honor, but the couple wanted to take the gesture one step further.

Diogo came up with the idea to have his own special moment with Isadora at the altar. Of his plan, Diogo tells The Mirror: “Isadora always wanted us to get married. And I wanted to do a special tribute for her so she felt part of the moment in front of our guests.”

So, the stepdad devised a plan to surprise the girl with a ring of her own, right before the marital vows would be presented. The idea was a complete surprise to Isadora; the girl had no sense of what to expect!

Diogo invited her to stand next to him and then kneeled down to her level, and presented her with a tiny ring. He then said, “I want to ask you something. Do you agree to be my daughter forever?”

Little Isadora immediately broke down at his gesture and gave him a big nod of approval. She then collapsed in his arms and wept.

Such an incredibly touching moment! The wedding officiate approved the sweet act by saying, “So seals the alliance.”

I don’t know about you, but I love that he called their relationship an “alliance.” That’s what father-daughter bonds should be all about!

The short clip has gained worldwide recognition since being first posted just a couple of weeks ago. Isadora’s mom is completely moved by all of the positive attention. She tells the Brazilian newspaper Extra:

Wow! What a surprise the video has been. We had no idea it would make such an impression. We wanted Isa to participate in our wedding ceremony because she is at that phase where she loves all things about princesses and is in love with the idea of being a bride.

Though Isadora hasn’t made a direct comment to the media, she purportedly loves her ring. Apparently, she says that she will never take it off. So incredibly precious!

Watch the video below to see this heartwarming exchange between stepfather and stepdaughter. We DARE you to try to choke back those tears!

What do you think about Diogo’s idea? Have you ever seen something similar at a wedding ceremony? If so, were you part of it, and how did it all work out? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!