The bond between a brother and sister is a strong one – especially between a little sister and a big brother. They might not always get along, but there’s nothing quite like this special type of sibling love, even as they grow up and maybe grow in different directions. This little girl and her big brother are the perfect example of this amazing bond – you could even say that theirs is an extra-strong one. Every single afternoon, this little girl waits with mom for the big kid school bus to stop at their driveway. You have to see how excited she gets when the bus finally pulls up.

So excited and ready to run, the little girl prepares herself. You should prepare yourself, too. Because what happens next is one of the most adorable things we’ve seen all day. We would also like to add that this little girl is ADORABLE. With her cute little ponytail in a bow and her pink rain boots, she is such a cute little kid. It makes this whole video that much cuter!

As the bus approaches, the little girl begins to wave excitedly. When she sees her brother walk down the school bus steps, she runs, literally with open arms, right to him. And this happens over, and over, and over…every single day. Every day this little girl excitedly greets her brother at the school bus, and it doesn’t stop being cute, we promise.

Now, here’s where you might imagine that the older brother gets embarrassed; his little sister is hugging him right off the school bus, presumably in front of a lot of his friends and people in his class. Little boys sometimes have a tendency to be “too cool” for shows of affection like this. But not this little boy! Each and every time, this big brother reciprocates the hug. He’ll even lift her up and carry her a few inches away from the bus, maybe for her own safety.

It just makes your heart melt! You can’t help but hope that all little sisters and big brothers have this sweet, protective relationship, even though you know that’s not really true. Regardless, this little girl is so lucky that she has the amazing relationship that she has with her brother. We hope it’s one that keeps up as they enter their (often not-so-nice) teen years.

What a lucky boy, too, to have a sister who looks up to him and loves him so much. We hope he’ll continue to be kind her and be the role model she needs as they grow up together.

This is just about the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen! We hope this adorable display of sibling love made your day like it made ours –  I know I can’t wipe the smile off my face after watching this.

What do you think of this adorable video? Were you ever this close with your brother or sister, whether they were older or younger? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks to LittleThings for this adorable video!