Kids dance recitals are a ritual that we all know and love. But when kids are too little, these events are less like dance recitals and more like adorable girls and boys lined up on stage for their parents amusement. They stand there in their cute, glittery outfits and follow the dance instructor as best they can — even if they can’t, it’s still an adorable sight to see.

But there’s usually at least one little kid who stands out from the crowd. Whether they really know what they’re doing or they’ve wandered off to the other side of the stage to do their own thing, kids like this keep these recitals from being a snooze. That’s for sure.

In this case, this little girl completely steals the show at her preschool dance recital.

From the moment the video camera turns on, we can pick this little girl out of the line up; she’s stomping her feet and flailing her arms enthusiastically, still on the beat but just…doing her own thing with it.

As the camera zooms in tight on the little girl, we get to see all the details of her impressive performance! The whole crowd is into it, giggling along as she jumps, ducks, and twirls, barely following the choreography. Clearly, she has better moves she wants to showcase!

Little girl tries to dance with another girl in her dance class.Randall Burns
At some points, she tries to involve the little girl to her left in the dance. But the little girl just seems a little confused by what she’s doing! She tries to keep with the choreography as the other girl continues to do her own thing.

We’re not sure what our favorite part of this video is, this little girl’s impressive, original choreography or her enthusiastic singing all the words right along with the soundtrack. She knows ALL of the words and she is belting them right along!

It can’t just be us thinking this: this girl is going to be a star. Years from now, they’re going to show this video at her Broadway debut party, we can just feel it. She obviously loves to be on stage, she’s very talented (especially for only being four years old), and the spotlight seems to be her best friend! This is the making of a star, people.

What do you think of this standout performance from this little dancer? Share your thoughts on her enthusiastic take on the choreography in the comments section below.