Pretty much every parent seems to agree— when it comes to raising children, the ages you should dread the most are the infamous “terrible twos” and the teenage years. But what happens when, in the area of stubborn arguing, kids are a little advanced for their age?

For that, we need look no further than this adorable video from dad Gareth and his daughter Lola. The pair post occasionally on their YouTube page called, appropriately enough, “LOLAntics”. And antics Lola certainly does get up to, starting with her standoff with dad in the clip.

While she’s about six years old now, by 15 months, little Lola was already exhibiting some prodigious rebellion and master negotiating skills. Her only problem? Getting people to actually understand what she’s saying! We have no idea what she’s saying, but we are sure of the passion behind her garbled toddler speak— and what she wants.

So here’s what we know: Lola likes to climb things, no matter how high or how dangerous her parents seem to think her climbing apparatuses are. On this particular day, she really wanted to climb onto the living room table with the television, and near what looks like an ironing board. So she does, somehow – considering the height, we really wish we could have seen how she managed it! – and now she’s determined to stay.

Dad Gareth, on the other hand, has a different opinion on the matter. Obviously, standing near a probably-expensive electronic and near a place where a burning-hot iron could be isn’t the best place for his daughter, even if it’s clear that both dad and mom are nearby to make sure nothing happens. So Gareth decides to first try to talk his daughter down— and she decides not to go too quietly.

Granted, Gareth doesn’t seem too angry about the situation. Sure, he’s wagging his winger and speaking sternly, but we can tell there’s a twinkle in his eye! And who could blame him, when Lola’s so adorable while she’s arguing? We don’t know what she’s saying, of course, but Dad seems to speak “Lola-ese” pretty fluently, and to be willing to humor her side of the story for at least a little bit.

We’re definitely impressed by his patience! After all, if Lola’s arguing this much at such a young age, imagine what she’ll be like when she’s older. According to Parents magazine, these kind of arguments usually don’t happen until a child is around four or five years old, sharing:

Though such verbal volleying can exhaust any parent, it’s normal for preschoolers. With a vocabulary of 8,000 words at their command, 4- and 5-year-olds are ever more confident in their ability to communicate their side of things—and to gain power in the process.

“Arguing and disobeying peak around this age,” says Russell Barkley, Ph.D., author of Your Defiant Child: 8 Steps to Better Behavior. “Four- and 5-year-olds are focused exclusively on getting what they want, and now they have a new way to go after it.”

It’s important for a parent to realize that just because your child is capable of making her case, she’s not necessarily ready for an open exchange of ideas. “Even though her language skills are good, she can’t understand your logic,” says Edward Christophersen, Ph.D., coauthor of Parenting That Works.

Lola’s parents definitely have a challenge ahead of them; thank goodness it’s also a totally cute one. Plus, based on the way this clip ends, it seems like they have things pretty firmly in hand. And in the meantime, we get to watch and laugh along with them. Check it out and smile!

What do you think of little Lola’s arguing abilities? At what age did your own children start trying to “rebel”? How did you cope with argumentative toddlers or teens? Share your best tips!