Figuring out how to introduce your dog to your new baby can be a pretty fraught thing to plan. We always hope that the dogs will immediately accept our infant as part of the pack and, subsequently, be calm and protective. Though we have high hopes, it’s hard not to worry that our pups won’t react well, and we find that people with smaller dogs – who are really used to being the “fur-baby” of the house – worry the most. Milo the chihuahua’s family might have been worried, too, but the little guy’s sweet reaction to the new baby girl in the house put everybody at ease immediately.

Milo knew something was up as soon as Mom pulled up in the car outside the house, and pretty much nothing could have pulled him away from his post by the door.

Chihuahua waits at door watching mom and new baby come home InsanelyMilo in Rumble

Once he realized that this visitor was indeed his Mom and that she had something new and interesting with her, Milo’s main concern wasn’t that he was being invaded or replaced. No, he was clearly more worried that Dad might be missing it, and made it his mission to make sure Dad knew what was going on.

When his new little sister finally made it into the home, Milo didn’t hesitate before inspecting this new member of the family. His reaction might be a little overzealous, but it’s clear the little guy is just so excited to meet his new playmate.

And then, sweetest of all? Milo makes sure to let this brand new little girl know she’s welcome . . .

. . . by presenting her with one of his prized possessions. Oh, and topping it all off with a kiss, of course!

We can all only hope that our dogs will react as happily and as sweetly when we bring our new babies home! Do you have any experiences introducing dogs, cats, or other pets to infants? How did it go for you? Do you think smaller dogs pose a challenge, or does size not matter at all? Watch the full video of Milo’s experience from Rumble’s Insanely Milo, and tell us how it compares to your memories!