This 3-Year-Old Boy Heroically Saved His Mom

Human instincts can be a truly incredible thing. Our fight or flight instinct dictates how we’re going to respond to dangerous situations, and no one necessarily knows how they’re going to react when trouble is at our doorstep. Lucky for this woman, her son’s instincts were just right. This three-year-old boy, Guy, was alone in the house when his mother fell and started to seize on the ground – but he knew exactly what to do. He quickly and calmly got help and consequently saved his mother’s life.

In the video below, covered by Fox News, we hear that Guy has picked up the phone and dialed “911.” There’s even a recording of little Guy talking to the operator, doing a great job of calmly and clearly explaining what was happening to his mom. An amazing thing for a toddler to do.

But this feat is especially amazing when you consider that Guy is an autistic child, who has been grappling with a difficult delay in his speech. Guy’s family adopted him shortly after he was born, as well as his two adopted siblings, who are also autistic.

Despite his speech delay, Guy was very calm and clear on the phone with the operator. His mom, Katie, says that she wasn’t surprised he stayed so levelheaded, even when the operator couldn’t understand him.

“He’s very, very patient to describe what he’s trying to say to you or try and find another way to phrase what he’s trying to say to you,” mom Katie said to Fox News. “He doesn’t get frustrated.”

Clearly not, considering that Guy was able to communicate to the operator clearly enough so that his mother could be rescued by the authorities. Katie was taken to the hospital and well taken care of; she has made a full recovery and is now back at home with Guy and his two siblings.

Guy was honored at the fire station for his heroic act.San Francisco Globe
After the frightening incident, Guy was honored at Mesa Fire Station 201. Guy was congratulated by the fire chief in front of a press room full of people, awarded a trophy, and even got to tour the firehouse. Best of all, Guy was allowed to go up into the fire truck and try on some of the official fireman gear. Needless to say, the adorable little boy was absolutely thrilled to be there.

Katie and her husband are grateful for the amazing little boy, who they adopted in 2012 and call, “a blessing.”

“He’s our little boy,” Katie said. “And he’s given us a second shot at life.”

But this ambitious little boy doesn’t want to stop saving lives; Guy wants to grow up and become a doctor so he can help and save as many people as possible. We love that this brave little boy is already so kind and so passionate about helping people! He’s obviously got the right heart, the right instincts, and the brains to be an amazing doctor.

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