Mornings with pets can sometimes mean mornings are bananas. If you have more than one, or have a pet with a larger than life personality, you know what that means. They run the house.

They let you know it’s time for meals, time to go out, time to go for a walk or jog, or just time for you get off your human tushy. How? Barking is common. In our house, so is the ice-glare, pouncing, or a long howl. In this video, Lexi the Samoyed has her own way to wake up her dad, but it’s really not working.

The fluffy dog is in the bed with her pop, lurched over him like a ghost from Christmas right-this-minute. She starts out softly tapping at his chest with her paw, but to no avail. He wearily turns in her direction, opens his eyes for a second, gives her a quick peck, and shuts them again. It’s just like hitting the snooze button on an alarm clock. She’s not accepting it. It’s time for her walk.

After a few more soft taps, it looks like she’s decided to take his vitals with her snout. Bending her nose towards his, Lexi takes a few sniffs up against his nostrils. Is he still with us? He moves. She taps again, observing that he is indeed conscious. What’s up, Dad? I know you’re playing possum!

Image of Samoyed Lexi sniffing her dad.Tom Brown
Since the chest taps and breath checks weren’t doing the job, Lexi steps her game up. She’s been extremely patient and probably has to pee like a racehorse. I can’t really say I blame Dad, because Lexi looks like a giant, billowy, soft cloud. The conditions for sleeping in are just perfect.

But the puffy pup is persistent. The gentle paw taps are just not getting it. The sweet licks aren’t either. Time to rough him up a bit. What did the five wooly fingers say to the face? Bam! Lexi may finally be getting somewhere. Stay tuned to see if she finally gets a rise out of her sleepy dad.

The beautiful Samoyed is known for being smart, gentle, and smiley. They’re also extremely friendly, so that explains Lexi’s sweet approach to waking her dad up. She’s definitely not a man handler by nature. An ancient breed, the Samoyed’s standout gorgeous white coat contrasts with their smiling lips.

This video of Lexi captured over 16,000,000 views, and we bet it has a lot to do with her stunning looks and personality. Naturally, she has her own Facebook and Instagram following too, where the family shares pictures and videos of her day-to-day adventures. She loves to kick it with her human baby sis as well as her other dog family members.

Lexi’s quiet wake-up style is the one I’d prefer if I had a choice. Would you get up if there was a giant Samoyed tapping on you? What do you think of Lexi’s manners? Does your dog have funny ways of doing things too? Share with us in the comments!