Let’s face it—we all feel a little “off” from time to time. Whether it’s due to an iffy immune system, general fatigue, or just “the blues”, it goes without saying that almost everyone could benefit from an all-natural pick-me-up.

So, if you are trying to ditch the caffeine and pricey supplements, it’s time for you to reach for the most versatile fruit around—the lemon! That’s right, these sour guys are capable of doing a whole lot more than just adding some kick to your iced tea; they are also super useful for homeopathic purposes.

Now, no worries if you don’t like the bitter taste of lemons; for this particular remedy, you won’t need to choke one down, because you can actually get many of its benefits from just inhaling the odor. All you need to do is cut one in half and leave it in a dish on your nightstand, like so…

lemon halves on white backgroundtookapic via Pixabay
From there, simply continue with your usual evening ritual. When you wake up from a great night’s sleep, you may just notice one (or all!) of these amazing benefits. Here’s what a lemon can do for you:
  1. Lessen Your Anxiety

    Merely existing in this manic world of ours can be a harrowing chore. If you feel bogged down by this weight, then lemon may just be the best thing for you. Studies indicate that simply inhaling the citrus can calm your nerves and even, in some cases, lower your blood pressure.

  2. Calm Your Allergies

    The main property found in lemons, limonene, has been proven to do something pretty amazing things for those who suffer from airborne allergens. You see, introducing the scent into the air can actually reduce airway inflammation caused by irritants. So, if those spring allergies have got you tossing and turning, this is definitely the method to try!

  3. Freshen the Air

    We are sure that it comes as no surprise to you that, on top of having the aforementioned health benefits, lemon also just smells really darn good! And though there are plenty of air fresheners out there to choose from, none can’t beat this zesty one—it’s cheap, has an energizing scent, and most of all, is completely natural.

  4. Increase Your Productivity at Work

    Happy young business woman enjoying success at workKaspars Grinvalds

    Now, we know that we told you to place the fruit on your nightstand, but we think this one is too amazing to keep to ourselves.

    Believe it or not, a Japanese study found that the vibrant scent that comes from lemons can help increase a worker’s productivity. They discovered that a whopping 54% of participants made fewer typing errors when inhaling the citrus. These results may just convince you to bring some along with you to the office!

  5. Keep Ants at Bay

    With the warmth of summertime comes the peskiest of insects: the ant! If you are finding that these sneaky guys are getting into your home, simply leave out some chopped lemon. You can place one on your nightstand, in your kitchen, in your living room—virtually any spot that these bugs are colonizing.

We bet you didn’t know that those trusty lemon could do so much! Do you practice this lemon remedy regularly? If so, have you noticed any benefits? How do you like to use lemons for homeopathic purposes? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!