If you love brain teasers, raise your hand! Are you in your office with your fingers wiggling wildly in the air? If so, then lucky you; we have quite the optical illusion for you today!

We found this viral gem from the internet’s largest site of all things random—Reddit. The since archived shot that we’ve so kindly provided for you above was first posted to the site by a group of six girlfriends who happened to notice quite the unexpected feature in a group photo; there were only five pairs of legs in the shot.

If you look closely at the image, you’ll notice that it appears as though the third woman from the left is completely without gams. Weird, right?

We know what some of you may be thinking—and we’re not going to lie, it was our first thought, too—maybe one of the women simply doesn’t have legs. Unfortunately for us, and perhaps fortunately for her, that is simply not the case. Each and every single one of the gals have all limbs intact.

We’ll give you another hint: This isn’t one of those optical illusion shots that was MEANT to be an optical illusion shot. For instance, this isn’t a group of attention-seeking gals looking for viral fame. We’ve confirmed that they just happened to take a perfectly-timed photo that had even them wondering what had happened to those legs.

Now that you have a couple of helpful hints, we think it’s time that you begin your quest for those hidden gams.

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick…. What? Can’t find them?

Unexpected fame from an unexpected snapshot

Unsurprisingly, this shot went viral almost immediately after it was posted on Reddit earlier this year. Confused folks were taking to the comments section with vague ideas of where the legs may be hiding in plain sight, but very few were able to crack the code.

Eventually, several crafty Redditors took to manipulating the image. By increasing the brightness and even doodling over the women’s’ body shapes, these internet heroes were finally able to make some headway—though not everyone agreed with the ‘answers’. It wouldn’t be the internet without some good-natured feuding, after all!

Once the shot officially went ‘viral’, the squad scored an interview with “Fox & Friends” where the Appleton, Wisconsin gals recreated the infamous photo for the hosts.

Believe it or not, even after the six women arranged themselves on the very couch, in the very clothes, in the very location where the shot was originally taken, the results were STILL mind-bending. Now that’s a true optical illusion!

To learn even more about optical illusions and, more importantly, the location of this particular lady’s legs, be sure to watch the video below. We’re not going to lie—that was a REALLY hard one!

We’d love to hear your thoughts about this particularly difficult-to-solve optical illusion. Were you able to find the woman’s ‘missing’ legs before watching the video? What is your all-time favorite optical illusion that has gone viral? Do you have any odd shots of your own that you would like to share?