Leak-Proof Water Blob for Endless Summer Fun

On the lookout for fun things to do with your kids in your own backyard? This cool DIY “water blob” idea definitely rivals fun water things like the ever-popular Slip ‘N Slide. You only need a few items in order to make it, and in no time, your kids will be bouncing and roll all over their very own outdoor “water bed.” The beginning of this video demonstrates how to make one of these fun water blobs for yourself (although we do not recommend going inside like the Dad did in this video)! Take a look:

What You Need:

Painter’s plastic/plastic sheeting (you’ll need about 10’x20′)
Iron and ironing board
Parchment paper
Duct tape (optional)

*You can also add some food coloring into the blob about halfway through filling with water to make it looks even fun, and to mix it up each time you try this.

Check out even more thorough instructions for this kind of project over at Homemade Toast.