Hearing the words “laundry room” and “dream retreat” in the same sentence either sounds like an oxymoron or the makings of a comedy. But anything is possible.

We know some people do things other than laundry in that room (like um, playing games on their phones), so there are multiple reasons why creating a cozier, more organized space is desirable. Depending on your home’s design, the wash area could be a small nook, a basement corner, or a separate room that’s ideal for a retreat.

When it comes down to it, doing laundry is still a chore. To help make things easier, Rachael Ray welcomed professional organizer Peter Walsh on her show as a guest. Peter took the time to transform one family’s untidy laundry room from messy to oh-yessy.

As you watch you’ll see that this family is storing unwearable items in their laundry room. Stuff is hanging everywhere or is stacked on shelves. Peter has them sort through those items, tossing them into a “keep” or “donate” pile. It’s a dreaded task but everyone needs to do it periodically!

After those items are cleared out, it’s time for a new design. Some peel-and-stick removable wallpaper is added to one wall. New wire shelves are installed that include hanging rods. Peter places coordinating storage bins on the top racks of all the shelves.

What is stealing the show is the pedestal washer and dryer set that allows for two loads to be done at once. Say what? Do you see where the dreamy part is entering the picture?

Also added are a table for folding laundry and multiple hampers. Peter explains that having more than one hamper decreases sorting time before or on laundry day. They can be dedicated to each family member or item type (e.g. linens).
Peter also gives a clever tip about keeping a laundry first aid kit on standby. In one of those nifty storage bins, keep necessities like stain removers, vinegar, blotting cloths, or brushes on hand. You can also keep a list of laundry tips – like the ones posted here on Tip Hero – accessible in that bin.

Image of laundry kit.Rachael Ray Show

Watch the video to compare the astonishing before-and-after views of this laundry space. You may also want to learn more about that dream-worthy washer and dryer set this lucky family received. Peter turned this room into a functional, organized workspace that doesn’t intimidate or suck the life force out of the chore-doer.
With these tips, you can do your own revamp to suit your needs. The storage options are practical not only for laundry essentials, but cleaning supplies as well. Go ahead and add in an ironing board or drying rack if space permits.
As Peter says, getting rid of the prison cell vibe can help with making the space feel more welcoming. If you’re not fortunate enough to stave off feelings of solitary confinement with a window, brighten up the place with a cheery paint color or wallpaper. Just listen to this couple’s reaction to their remade room!

What do you think of this makeover? Are you interested in redoing your laundry room? Would you implement any of these tips?