If you’re an avid reader of our site, then you know that we are always preaching the virtues of redecorating on a microbudget. It’s really quite simple—all it takes is some forethought, perseverance, and a trip or two to the local dollar store! Nevertheless, some room overhauls are better than others. It’s just all about how you stretch that dollar.

That’s why we are sharing this woman’s Rachael Ray-approved laundry room makeover with you today. Though the perky host didn’t have any part in this viewer’s project, she thought it was so dang good that she actually reserved an entire segment just to show it off.

Believe it or not, Tasha—the handy gal who performed this DIY—was able to completely update the look of her laundry room, all without breaking the bank. In fact, she only spent 71 bucks on the whole project!

Here are some of our favorite highlights from Tasha’s aspirational DIY…

  1. She added a layer of ‘concrete’

    cement countertopRachael Ray Show

    Like any true frugal goddess, Tasha didn’t demo and replace, she worked with what she already had. So, when she took a look at her outdated laminate countertops, she thought of a thrifty solution—she made the laminate into ‘cement’.

    Ok, this isn’t ENTIRELY true; after all, you’d have to be a fairy godmother to pull that off on her tiny budget. Nonetheless, she found the best alternative in the form of a cement finish. The end result looks like the real deal and, best of all, it only set this gal back about 10 bucks.

  2. She made the best of cheap flooring

    We don’t want to be haters, but I think we can all agree that no one really WANTS laminate flooring in their home. The stuff is just not the most durable or attractive. That’s why our heroine took drastic measures by actually painting over the shiny stuff.

    That’s right, she primed her floor first, then simply smoothed on a layer of floor paint. To give the room some real depth, she taped off some stripes and added in her own modern, black and white design.

  3. She reused materials

    laundry room paintRachael Ray Show

    Everyone knows that slapping a new layer of paint onto a wall is the easiest way to update a room, but it’s easy to forget that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on new paint. In fact, we bet that you have a couple of half-used cans sitting in your garage right now.

    Tasha realized this, too, so she grabbed the same can of green paint that she had used in her twins’ nursery and went to work. This trusty lady reported that she had “just enough left” to cover her entire laundry room. Score!

To take a look at the inspiring ‘before and afters’ for yourself, be sure to click on the video below. It’s gratifying to know that so many changes can be made on such a small budget. Way to go!

What do you think of Tasha’s laundry room transformation? Have you tried your hand at a similar project before? Do you know of any cheaper hacks that she missed out on? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!