Here Are 21 Brilliant Ways to Decorate the Laundry Room

Whether you have a linen closet or a spacious laundry room, the space where you clean, dry, and fold your clothes should be outfitted to be functional, organized, and stylish, too. There’s so much that tends to be stored in your laundry room; naturally your detergent, dryer sheets, bleach, stain remover, and other laundry essentials would get stored in this space, but you also need room for  a medley of other random items that get stuck here. The laundry room is kind of like the Bermuda Triangle of rooms. While all these organizational features might be a lot to ask of your space, it is possible! If you’re searching for some inspiration on how to remodel your laundry room, check out these 21 laundry spaces we love.

  1. Luxurious Laundry Room

    Looking to live a luxe life? Well, when it comes to laundry at least? This fantastic laundry room provides as much space as some laundromats with ample cabinet and shelf storage, classy decor, and a marble folding table in the center of it all. With this laundry room you’ve got it made in the shade.

  2. Farmhouse Laundry Room

    Or maybe a country farmhouse is your dream home? Even if you don’t live on that cow farm you always pictured, you can make your laundry room your rural getaway with a farmhouse tiled floor, cozy decor, and a brass sink that screams charming country manor. Dreams do come true.

  3. Vintage Pop Laundry Room

    With these soft colors, gorgeously feminine wallpaper (seriously obsessed with these candy can stripes), and retro laundry accessories, this laundry room is so chic, you might end up ENJOYING laundry day.

  4. Functional, Small Laundry Room

    Who says small isn’t powerful? This laundry room may be more of a closet compared to other spaces, but it utilizes its’ space brilliantly. We love the stacked washer and dryer and the adjoining shelves for maximum storage.

  5. Bohemian Laundry Room

    Laundry can be a little stressful. Put a little “oohm” back in your routine with this boho chic laundry room. The bamboo baskets, wooden washer/dryer cover, minimalist clock, and fun, printed pillows make this a space one worth meditating on.

  6. Family Laundry Room

    If this laundry room doesn’t scream “mom’s happy place” then I don’t know what does…maybe a spa that doesn’t let kids in, but besides that, this is it. Decorated with chic storage containers to hold anything you could ever need, pictures of the fam, and your favorite bouquet of flowers, this might be your new happy place, after all.

  7. Sleek Laundry Room

    Sleek sophistication more your style? Then check out this too-cool-for-school laundry room. From the appliances, to the cabinetry, to the decor, this room is bold, modern, and very chic.

  8. European Farmhouse Laundry Room

    Oddly specific title, we’re aware – but take good look at this flawless laundry room. Do you or do you not feel like you’re washing your clothes at an Air BnB in the French countryside? Who knew a laundry room could be so fabulous.

  9. Rustic Laundry Room

    For a laundry room that’s guaranteed to be on-trend, go for a rustic look. Vintage wall decals and antique decor will impress any house guest. And, for the record, a few mason jars never hurt anyone.

  10. Natural Laundry Room

    Close your eyes and light some incense, you might just confuse the washer with the rush of a nearby stream. Well…probably not, but you can feel at peace in this all-natural laundry room setting. We loved the expose rock wall, the glimmering wooden floor, the dimmed lighting, and the calming use of earth tones.

  11. Elegant Laundry Room

    If you’re on a quest to make the laundry room somewhere you don’t want to leave, look no further than this gorgeous design. This room has rustic overhead lighting, ample counter space, and (the best part) a reading table! Kick your feet up and finish that book you’ve been meaning to read while the Permanent Press load finishes up. You’re still doing chores…technically.

  12. Bright Laundry Room

    Nothing opens up and livens up a space quite like natural light. There’s truly nothing like it, especially on neutral or white decor. The wide windows in this laundry room space make this minimalist laundry room look not only large and organized, but an inviting place to be in. Amazing what a little sunlight can do.

  13. Traditional Laundry Room

    More of a old-fashion kind of launderer? This classic laundry room combines minimalist decor, traditional color palettes, and sleek stainless steel appliances. What you have here is a laundry room that can almost NEVER look messy. It’s virtually designed to look put together!

  14. Bold Laundry Room

    If you like the idea of a traditionally laid out laundry room, but neutrals aren’t really up your alley, you’ll be inspired by the pops of brilliant color in this bold laundry room. Who has a BLUE washing machine?! This area is so fun, you’ll want to show it off to party guests. Heck, party in the laundry room!

  15. Modern Laundry Room

    This modern setup has the bone structure of a traditional laundry room, but the change is all in the decor and the use of the sleek stainless steel shelves. Making a space modern is simple with the addition of quirky wall decals, trays, and trendy woven baskets. Classic yet fun in a snap.

  16. Rustic Modern Laundry Room

    Again, it’s all in the decor! This neutral, traditional laundry room can be easily upgrade to a rustic/chic space easily; the use of wicker, as well as some flowers and vintage pieces, will really help give a “boring” space a comfy, rustic touch.

  17. Beach-side Laundry Room

    Whether this is for your actual beach house or the one you fondly imagine, this laundry room gives you the sense that you’re in a summertime paradise. The calming blue shade on the walls, scavenged glass jars, and seashell decor make this room. All you need is some salty air and ocean sounds and you’ve got yourself beach-side laundry room.

  18. Graphic Laundry Room

    Quiet not your thing? Then your laundry room shouldn’t be quiet either! Go big or go home with this intensely fun graphic wallpaper, signage, and polka dot floor tiles. (This may be the laundry room of my dreams. No joke.)

  19. Fashionista Laundry Room

    Calling all fashionistas! This laundry room – with trendy colors, patterns, and shelving – is uber fabulous. Just like you! And that chandelier? Only a true fashion girl is fancy right down to her laundry room.

  20. All-White Laundry Room

    Sometimes, simple is beautiful. And nothing gets more simple than plain white. This classy laundry room uses entirely white walls, appliances, and decor to give the room a Hamptons-like feel. Seriously, pairing white with white is a way to make ANY home instantly look expensive.

  21. Bright Laundry Room

    If you have a big personality or if you’d like to refer to yourself as a bit of a diva (and that’s a good thing), then this over-the-top laundry room is for you. Bold colors on the cabinets, crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, fabulous signage, and an animal print rug? You run this house, don’t you? Work it, girl.

Do you organize or decorate your laundry room in a fresh, fun way? Share pictures of your space in the comments section below.

Thanks to Decoholic for many of these fantastic examples!