These Laundry Hacks Will Make You Consider Putting Ice in Your Dryer!

Let’s be honest, no one out there actually likes doing laundry. At its best, the process is tedious, and at its worst, the process is just plain complicated! If you’re a clothes-cleaning-hater like me, then don’t fret! Today we are going to show you some of the best and most creative laundry hacks out there, courtesy of Brittany from VasseurBeauty. These tips are seriously genius!

  1. Iron your clothes with a hair straightener

    Ironing clothes is genuinely the pits! I just hate having to wield that heavy, clumsy iron. Luckily, I took Brittany’s tip, and now I iron with my hair straightener! I know, it sounds a bit dangerous, but the trusty hair tool does quite a great job. I find that I have much better control with the beauty item than with a traditional iron.

    Pro tip: Just be sure to wipe off the inside plates of the hair straightener before it heats up— you don’t want to get any sticky product on your clothes! This trick works best with cotton or denim when ironed with a straightener that comes equipped with a ‘LOW’ setting.

  2. De-Wrinkle your clothes with ice

    Since we’re still on the “I hate traditional ironing!” train, I thought that it would be good to introduce you to yet another clothing de-wrinkler—ice! Yup, I know that using something cold to get rid of creases in your clothes sounds counterintuitive, but it sure does work!

    Simply stick a couple of ice cubes in your dryer before pressing ‘START’. The ice counteracts with the heat, treating the items inside to a nice steam.

  3. Never let your dryer “eat” your socks again!

    It seems that losing socks in the dryer is not a phenomenon that plagues just one type of person; it happens to everyone! It’s the great equalizer, if you will. So, because this is a problem that no one is immune from, you’d better listen up to this next tip!

    To keep your socks from running way, simply keep them separate during the washing and drying process. Go out and buy a lingerie mesh bag – these work great for bras too, of course! – and pack it with your socks before throwing it into the washer and dryer. This method helps keep that elusive footwear all in one place.

  4. Kill the stinky smell with vinegar

    When you have clothing that seems to “hold” nasty smells, so to speak, it’s time to bring in the big guns—vinegar! This all-natural ingredient is great for both eliminating odors and, most importantly, sanitizing fabrics.

    To achieve fresher-smelling clothes, just place your putrid clothing in a sink with a stopper, and fill with a white vinegar-water mixture. Allow to sit overnight, then throw in the washer in the morning. So easy!

  5. Get rid of unsightly pilling

    If your once immaculate exercise clothes are now plagued with fuzzy pilling, then look no further than this simple hack! The first thing that you will need to do is to avoid pilling in the first place. Brittany recommends always washing your work-out clothes inside out, and on a cool cycle with other similarly textured items.

    If you still end up with some pilling, then take your razor and “shave” off the “fuzzies.” This method should work just as well as those pricey electric pill shavers.

To get MANY more super helpful laundry hacks from Brittany at VasseurBeauty, watch the video below.

What do you think about these laundry tips? Have you tried any of these before on your own? If you have, how were your results? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!