Imagine lounging on your sofa, surrounded by mountains of piled up laundry. It’s clean, but it’s been dumped into any available basket or empty surface so you wouldn’t have to pause and lose your washing momentum.

You glance at it like you’re waiting for it to fold itself, because like most people, you’re not a fan of folding clothes. Or towels. Or fitted sheets. Or playing “find the matching sock”. But the reason you’re lounging is not because you’re overwhelmed, it’s because you actually have someone to take over the task: a FoldiMate.

What’s it? Well, it’s not a significant other who is there to do all your chores for you, but a robotic machine created to fold laundry in a flash. First unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2017, an updated, speedier prototype was introduced right after the start of 2018.

Like something out of The Jetsons, the machine gets fed by hand and spits out your folded laundry in neat piles. So, how exactly does this magical invention work?

The FoldiMate has users clip their item onto two hooks where it then sucks it into a portal, rolls it through the folder, and pops it out. You can even feed it multiple items at a time and receive a fresh stack ready to go right into a drawer!

According to the company’s website, its new redesign is more compact, making it comparable to the size of a medium cabinet. You can place it in your laundry area or a more convenient location like your teenager’s room (why not?).

If this sounds like the appliance of your dreams, click on this video to learn more about how fast this machine runs, and how much laundry it folds per minute. And get ready to live life like a Jetson.

Does the FoldiMate sound like something you want? Are you impressed with its design? What other household chores would you like pass on to a robot?