Actor Ron Harper was best known for his roles in films including “Pearl Harbor,” “Below Utopia,” “Planet of the Apes” and “Land of the Lost.” According to IMDB, he acted in 53 different movies and TV series throughout his career which began back in 1955.

Harper’s daughter, Nicole Longeuay, told The Hollywood Reporter that her father died on Thursday March 28, 2024. His cause of death was natural causes. He was 91 years old and in his home in West Hills, California, at the time of his death.

Harper began his acted career on stage. He was an understudy for Paul Newman on Broadway. His first on screen acting role was in an episode of “Kraft Theatre” in 1955.

In 1974, Harper was cast as astronaut Alan Virdon on the CBS TV series “Planet of the Apes.” Unfortunately, the show didn’t perform as well as the movies had, and it was canceled after just 4 episodes.

In 1976, Harper joined the cast of “The Land of the Lost” for the show’s final season. He portrayed Uncle Jack.

In 2005, thinking back about the roles and projects he worked on, Harper shared that he thought “The Land of the Lost” was “very good.” He explained, “Each generation of children as they come up and are exposed to it like those stories and remember them, pass them right on. I have about three tapes, and I’ve been showing them to my daughter since she was 5. And she still, of all my series, loves Land of the Lost best.”

Harper is survived by his daughter, his son-in-law, his two granddaughters and his ex-wife.

Watch the video below for a throwback of Harper in “Planet of the Apes.”