Here’s an Easy, Beautiful Way to Decorate a Cake

So you wouldn’t exactly call yourself a cake designer or even much of a baker, but here you are, trying to throw together an impressive-looking dessert. You can follow boxed cake mix instructions as well as anyone, so your dessert is certainly edible, but then we get to the little matter of making your cake look pretty.

That is a much more intimidating task than beating eggs and putting a tin in the oven to bake.

There are so many incredible cake designs on YouTube, Pinterest, and even right here on TipHero! We love to see how beautiful cakes are made, too. But when it comes to actually making those impressive designs? Forget it.

Needless to say, you don’t just want to sloppily slap on some frosting and call it a day. This is especially true if you’re baking for an occasion, say a bridal shower or first birthday party. Tons of pictures will be taken of this cake, so you’re probably feeling the pressure to make it look as close to professional as you can get.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to watch six hours of video tutorials or hire someone to do the dirty work for you. There’s an easy way to elegantly decorate a cake without breaking a sweat.

It all comes down to one pretty piece of fabric: lace.

Now we’re not talking about actual lace, which would be extremely difficult to eat, but a homemade edible lace. Sounds complicated, right? Wrong! You only need a few ingredients to make a gorgeous stretch of sugary lace that will take your cake from plain to perfection.

Granted, some of these ingredients are very specific. Cake lace powder? It’s obviously meant for one thing…this. But if you like this DIY decor, consider these ingredients an investment to make more cakes like this one!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own cake lace:

  • Cake lace powder
  • Cake lace liquid
  • Mixer
  • Cake lace mat
  • Large spatula
  • Water
  • Paint brush (or any small brush)

To get the full instructions for this beautiful design, make sure to watch the Telegraph video below.

In a nutshell, you’re essentially creating your “lace” in the mixer, using the lace mat (we had never heard of these until today!) as an outline to create the lacy shape. The “lace” will have to bake and then be gently peeled off the mat before being applied to the cake. Application is as easy as brushing on some water!

What do you think of this creative, classy cake decor? Will you be trying this on the next cake you bake? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.