You’ll Be Amazed at What This 5-Month Old Kitten Can Do!

Think tricks are for dogs? Think again! If you think cats can’t do the same tricks that dogs can, you’re about to be proven wrong. This 5-month-old kitten named Mimsey can do a series of tricks – all for the sake of some delicious treats, of course. She has been working hard on her tricks just to show them off to us, so take a look at what Mimsey can do in the video below!

First, Mimsey jumps through some “hoops”, also known as her owner’s arms. She then comes when called and demonstrates that she can sit and go up on her hind legs on command. Then, in the grand finale, Mimsey actually plays dead! When her owner points a little finger gun at her and gives her the cue (“Bam!”) Mimsey plays dead perfectly!

This is a proud day for cat people everywhere.