Just Because You’re Renting Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Customize Your Kitchen. Check Out These Easy to Install (and Uninstall) Tricks!

If you’re a renter (which many people nowadays are), you might think that you’re stuck with your small, bland kitchen. You can’t revamp the whole thing, you’re just renting it. So then do you have to stare at ugly wallpaper or empty white walls for your entire time in the space? No way! There are so many easy, reversible things you can do to customized your rented kitchen and make it your own…without angering your landlord. Check out the video below to learn a few quick decor tips to help jazz up and optimize your space.

Terrible lighting in your little kitchen? Oh, do I feel you. This renter installed some under-counter lights using a DIY LED kit you can get at most hardware stores. This light not only makes your kitchen look fancier, it allows you to actually see what you’re doing on the counter, too!

Installing a tension rod over the sink allows for space to hang dish towels, sponges, and scrub brushes. This keeps everything off the counter and displays your cute kitchen accessories.

Removable shelf doors? Take them off (if they can easily go back on) for easy-access storage.

One of our favorite things that she did was adding her own splash of wall color without getting new tiles installed or painting. This is a clever trick. After finding the fabric she liked online, this renter stapled it to a piece of plywood that was cut to fit in her wall space. To protect the fabric by an open frame (because it was behind her stove), she found a piece of glass cut to fit online to go over it.

When she wanted to paint her other wall a matching blue, again she didn’t paint on the wall. Instead she painted on an easily removable white wallpaper. So when it’s time to move out, she’ll simply peel the wallpaper away and it’s like nothing ever happened!

Have you used some clever tricks to upgrade your renter space? Share them with us in the comments section below.