Kiss cams at sports games can be uncomfortable, especially if you don’t know your date very well or if you’re sitting next to your cousin and the crowd thinks you’re together. Awkward. But nothing is worse than getting snubbed on a kiss cam, as this young couple came to find out. This girl’s date is too busy to make a move on her as the kiss cam pans in on them, so she does something that will make you burst out laughing.

While at a Knicks game, this kiss cam is on patrol, looking for couples to smooch. After a few couples who happily oblige, the camera flips to a young woman with dark hair staring blankly ahead, sitting next to a handsome but serious looking man who is on his phone.

When the woman realizes that they’re on camera, she beams and points to the screen, excited that they’ve been chosen to kiss! The crowd around them points and cheers excitedly, and the young woman grab her dates’ arm to get his attention. But no matter how much she shakes and prods at her dates’ arm, he won’t look up from his email or text.

In fact, he even tells her to leave him alone, with a cold glance from the side of his eye. What a jerk!

But then, the young woman does something so amazingly bold.

She looks around, a little embarrassed, glances to her other side, and then shrugs. Suddenly, she’s leaning in to kiss the man on the OTHER side of her, someone who is decked out in Knicks gear and very happy to have her attention!

The crowd erupts with cheers and laughter as the strangers kiss, while the uptight date can do nothing but looking on, annoyed and angry.

What an amazing move on this woman’s part! We’re not sure what made us laugh more, her hilarious idea or the look on her dates’ face! What do you think of this funny kiss cam fail? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.