Cory Hepola loved his kindergarten teacher. “Mine was Mrs. Schik. Just the best!” Cory recalls, referring to his teacher, Lorly Schik. Mrs. Schik retired a year after teaching Cory, and so Cory never really saw her around the school after that. He later became a TV newscaster for KARE 11 in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.

At age 90, Mrs. Schik was watching the news when she realized that the little boy in the bottom left corner of the picture of her kindergarten class was the same person on TV. “The first time I saw him, I could hardly believe it … I remember him as a little dark-haired, cute kid.” She decided to write his parents a letter, saying the following:

Hi Diane & Terry. It is with a great deal of pride that I am now watching my former Kindergarten student telecast the news on KARE 11. I can still picture him as a small dark haired child in his K-desk! I am also wondering if you can view that station in Perham??

In September 20, 2013 I moved to an Independent Senior Living Complex in St. Paul. It was a very difficult decision, a part of my heart will always be in Perham. My children and grand (& great) children are all in the Twin Cities. The time had come!

Greet Cory. Tell him his K-teacher is now 90 years old, enjoys seeing his newscast, and wishes him (and you, too) the VERY BEST!

-Mrs. Schik.

After seeing the letter written to his parents, Cory said he had to see her again, and so he tracked her down. When they finally see each other, they embrace. Cory says elatedly, “Oh my gosh, it’s good to see you!” And Mrs. Schik responds by saying, “It’s good to see you, oh gosh!”

Cory brought her flowers, and they reminisce about that year together. Cory shared a letter Mrs. Schik wrote to him on June 4, 1988, and Mrs. Schik notes that it’s amazing that he still has the letter.

When asked what she enjoyed the most about teaching kindergarten kids, she said: “Their enthusiasm, and the fact that they made me feel loved, and I love them.”

Mrs. Schik then shares a note with Cory that his mom wrote to her. In a very touching moment, Cory reads the note aloud and gets choked up doing so. Such a wonderful and heartwarming story!