Have you ever looked at a kid’s drawing and politely complimented the child on the great work of art while silently wondering what the image was even supposed to be? Just us?

Kids have great imaginations, but they are not always that talented when it comes to drawing. They try, a lot, and we have tons of artwork from school to prove it. Yes, their ability to draw progresses over time as they work on it and get better at controlling crayons, markers and pencils, but not everyone can draw so that the drawing actually looks real.

One dad came up with a terrifying twist on the idea of art reflecting life. Tom Curtis lives in London with his family, and he decided to use photoshop to transform his kids’ artwork so that it looks real. Some of the transformations looks adorable, and some of them look kind of disturbing. Either way, we are glad these creatures don’t actually exist, but it is fun to see what they would look like if they did.

Scroll down to see 15 of our favorite examples of doodles turned into realistic creatures.

  1. A Dolphin

  2. A Giraffe

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    I know you might think that I’m having a laugh, Well I’m not – because this is an actual giraffe. __ Hello everyone. So we’re currently working on a couple of interesting new projects, but they’re taking a bit longer than I thought they would, so I’ve decided to re-share one of our earliest, but, I think, funniest animals – Dom’s giraffe. Actually it’s probably my favourite rhyme as well. We’ve not shown this exact picture on Insta before – this is the photo from our book ‘Things I Have Drawn at the Zoo’. By the way, we’ve started a new Twitter account. It’s very early days with no followers. There’s just a few of our old favourites on there so far, but eventually we might start previewing stuff on Twitter before it hits Insta. Check it out at twitter.com/thingsivedrawn if you like (it’s ‘I’ve’ because ‘I have’ was too long for the Twitter handle!) Oh – and we’re also on facebook.com/thingsihavedrawn for any older people out there. __ #thingsihavedrawnatthezoo #giraffe #kidsdrawings

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  3. A Dog

  4. A Bird…with Wings That Look Like Hands

  5. A Fish

  6. A Cow

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    Some of our creations make me shudder. (Especially those with a droopy udder.) ___ #thingsihavedrawn #cow #kidsdrawings

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  7. A Lynx

  8. A Horse

  9. Army Tank

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    DRAW. NOT WAR! ___ Hi everyone. Tom here. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when Dom and Al started drawing aeroplanes dropping bombs, spaceships firing laser beams and army tanks causing mayhem and destruction. They wouldn’t draw funny, smiley animals forever. I don’t think Dom really expected (or wanted) me to colour this particular creation pink, decorate it with flowers and a rainbow, and turn it into a supersonic bubble machine though. Draw, Dom. Not war! I tell you what though. This one’s taken me absolutely ages, as most vehicles do – and especially ones this detailed. I started it about 3 weeks ago (although have admittedly been on holiday for 2 weeks of that). Vehicles also don’t tend to get as many likes and comments as happy animals, but it’s important, I think, that we mix things up a bit. Hope you agree. ___ #thingsihavedrawn #bubblemachine #drawnotwar #ps_scifi

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  10. A Narwhal

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    I think Dad’s taken ‘Unicorn of the Sea’, A little bit too literally. ___ Hi everyone. Tom here, the boys’ dad. Hmm – yes – perhaps I shouldn’t have given it fur. But you never know – maybe this is how Lola, the artist behind this brilliant narwhal, imagined it when she drew it! Thanks Lola for a great pic, and thanks to her mum and dad, Jim and Jules of @jimandjuleschutneyjam for sharing it with us. If you’ve got a kid who’s an aspiring artist (aren’t they all?), don’t forget to hashtag their animal drawings #thingsihavedrawnatthezoo and we’ll pick the best ones to make ‘real’. Keep following everyone. Lots more to come. ___ #thingsihavedrawn #thingsihavedrawnatthezoo #narwhal #kidsdrawings

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  11. A Reindeer

  12. A Tortoise

  13. A Car

  14. A Tiger

  15. A Rainbow Unicorn