Kids’ Craft Projects for All Seasons

The following is a guest post from our friends over at FaveCrafts.

While kids are darling, they can’t always color inside the lines, draw the perfect circle, or fold the paper correctly. And on top of that, you can’t always color the exact shade of brown they’re looking for, draw the perfect elephant that matches their imagination, or fold an origami star just right. To ease the crafting process, some bloggers grace you with templates and printables. These either provide the right color, the perfect outline, or the correct places to fold (or if you’re lucky, all three). Craft time goes a lot more smoothly when these generous bloggers make it easy on you. Printables start the kids off on the right foot and simply require them to connect the dots. And if it’s still not perfect, who cares? Perfect isn’t going to start any conversations, now is it?

Summer Printable Crafts for Kids

Beat the heat by crafting the symbols of summer. Whether you’re bringing the happiness of sunshine inside your walls or the freshness of fruit to excite your tummy, printable crafts for kids are the perfect place to start. I love the fresh feel of the 3D Fruit Frenzy. Enjoy summer with these other printable crafts for kids:

Fall Printable Crafts for Kids

The leaves are falling, school is starting up again, and summer tans are fading. To keep your kiddo happy, surprise him with notes in his lunchbox. Don’t worry if you can’t think of anything to say after the first few, they’re all thought out for you thanks to Printable Lunch Box Notes. Make the rest of autumn easy on yourself too with these other printable crafts for kids:


Winter Printable Crafts for Kids

As the temperatures drop, more time is spent indoors. Beat the boredom with these printable crafts for kids made just for the winter months. When it’s too cold to build a snowman outside, design some inside with the handy Draw a Snowman Printable. Celebrate the many holidays of winter with these other printable crafts for kids:

Spring Printable Crafts for Kids

Spring is the lovely season where vibrant colors start returning and pink reenters the cheeks of children. Welcome the joy of spring with the convenient and adorable Happy Spring Printable Posters. For the days when it’s not quite warm enough or when April showers are promising May flowers, keep this list of printable crafts for kids close.

View all 50 free printable crafts for kids here.

Which is your favorite season to craft in?