Like the warmth of a mother’s embrace, the love given by grandparents is something sacred and pure. For many of us, visiting with grandma and grandpa meant getting spoiled, overnights with endless toys, and a little bit of extra freedom.

It’s like a party all the time. These are the people who have lots of stories, wisdom, and candy to pass along to you without judgement. When you grow up and have kids of your own, you realize how important it is for them to have tight relationships with your parents.

Absent any major dysfunction, there are many benefits to having grandparents who live close by. We know free babysitting is one but bringing your children up near their pop-pop and nana (or any other endearing terms they use) is like a gift divvied up three ways. You, your parents, and the kids all share in it!

We’re sharing why raising kids near the grandparents is a good thing. Though some of you may already be living close to your parents, those who are thinking about moving away (or moving closer) may find some food for thought here.

  1. Teaches Kids to Care for their Elders

    Not just the elders in the family, but older folks in general. They learn to develop a sense of respect and nurturing when it comes to those from the older generations.

  2. Helps Grandparents Live Longer

    Studies show that allowing seniors to babysit and otherwise spend time with young children leads to longer life spans. When they become the occasional caregiver, it impacts their life expectancy and levels of happiness by increasing both!

  3. Children Learn their History

    Besides the fun stories they get to hear about their parents’ childhoods, children also get to hear granny and gramps share what they know about the family bloodline. Learning about their roots can give kids some grounding and a dose of appreciation for their family’s beginnings.

  4. Extra Support

    It helps to have backup whether you ask for it or not. When your kid needs a shoulder to cry on or some sage advice, she may not always want it to come from you. A casual to trip to mom-mom’s may be just what she needed.

    It is good for the children to have another adult to be a source of mental and emotional support as they grow up. Experts say that children also benefit from an extra sense of security and less stress.

  5. Makes Holiday Planning Easy

    Let’s admit it: family gatherings are easier to plan when most of us are nearby. Children love to help out in the kitchen, learning family recipes under the tutelage of cooking masters, and Grandma usually makes the best everything!

We see little harm in fostering healthy bonds with the elders in our population, and families play a huge role in how we treat our seniors. If you’re lucky enough to have sweet grandparents who live nearby, love on them while you can!

Are you someone who grew up with grandparents who were close by? Can you see the benefits of you or your children having close ties with grandparents? Are you a grandparent who can speak on this?