‘Tis the season to be generous, and we are seeing examples of that all around the country. Each year, you can count on hearing at least one holiday story of layaway accounts being paid off by kind strangers.

Kid Rock wanted to make some hearts merry by doing just that at a Nashville Wal-Mart, so he spent $81,000 paying off balances. Customers were shocked when they walked into the Dickerson Pike store and discovered someone had taken care of their layaway accounts.

Following the lead of another entertainer, Kid Rock called up the local store to make arrangements for the accounts. He had his manager appear in person to make a large payment to the store on behalf of 350 customers.

Wal-Mart manager Tom Meyer was also excited to tell these lucky folks about the kind gesture. Employees handed out cards from the musician that read, “Merry Christmas from Your Neighbor!”

Meyer called it a “pretty Nashville proud moment” and praised Kid Rock for doing this for the community. Grateful customers cried happy tears and expressed their appreciation in the store and on social media, with some sharing that they were struggling to make ends meet.

Wal-Mart also noted that this is the only time of the year that they offer the layaway program, with it starting at the end of August and ending in early December. Click below to hear more on this story and who inspired Kid Rock to do it!

Has something like this happened in your community? What are your thoughts on Kid Rock’s gesture?