Little Calen has met husbands and wives before. He’s probably seen plenty of his friends’ parents, his own mom and dad, or even his parents’ friends at parties and school events. But never before has he seen a husband…with another husband.

Needless to say, when Calen meet his first gay, married couple, this little boy has an adorable reaction!

First, he tries to logic it out. A husband is a boy and a wife is a girl, he thinks aloud, so if these two men are together…that would make them both husbands. Then, suddenly, he puts it together.

“You two married each other?!” Calen says, with a smile. “That’s funny. I usually see husbands and wives, but this is my first time meeting a husband and a husband!”

At this point, one of the men behind the camera leans into view and laughs into the camera lens, obviously tickled by this little kid’s genuine reaction.

Husband reacts to Calen reaction.TheGailyGrind
Then the little boy says something truly adorable. Rubbing his eye tiredly, he says, “You must love each other, then!”

You can hear, although you can’t see them, that the couple is touched by this statement. They affirm the statement genuinely, and the little boy seems satisfied with the answer.

He says, very matter-of-factly, “I’m going to play ping pong now.” Then he starts to walk away. Suddenly, after only a few steps, he turns back to the couple.

“You can come play, too, if you want,” The little boy offers before the camera cuts out.

Calen asking if this couple love each other.TheGailyGrind
How adorable! This little boy has the best reaction to meeting a same sex couple for the first time; he’s curious, but in the end only seems preoccupied by the fact that these two people love each other.

And, as we all know, one of the best part about little kids is that they will ALWAYS say whatever they are thinking. So this is a genuine reaction from Calen! Knowing this, it warms our hearts to see him have such a sweet response.

But the cherry on top for us was definitely Calen asking these men to come play ping pong, if they wanted. He is completely unfazed by his new experience (meeting a husband and a husband) and is totally willing to include them in playtime.

We are taken with this genuinely sweet kid! Nobody could have planned a reaction better than his.

What do you think about this adorable little boy and his reaction to this couple? Share your thoughts on this cute video in the comments section below.