Have you been to Kentucky Fried Chicken recently? If you live in Virginia or Pennsylvania, you might see something a little unusual on the menu.

When we think of KFC, we obviously think of fried chicken, but when we think of the sides that we like to enjoy with that fried chicken, we usually think of things like biscuits or mashed potatoes and gravy.

KFC has decided to add a sweet new twist on their offerings. They are currently testing doughnuts. At about 40 locations in Pittsburg, PA, Norfolk, VA, and Richmond, VA, you will find glazed doughnuts on the menu.

Although they arrive at the locations already cooked, every doughnut is dipped in the fryer and then dipped in a vanilla glaze before it is served. My mouth is already watering.

You can get doughnuts as a side along with bone-in chicken or chicken strips. You can add a doughnut to any meal for $1. While it may seem a little strange to eat chicken and doughnuts in the same meal, imagine eating them in the same bite.

The new KFC menu item that’s getting the most buzz on social media is the chicken sandwich where the bun is replaced by two glazed doughnuts. Take a minute to wrap your mind around that.

Some people think the new sandwich sounds a little strange but worth trying. 

Other people are completely appalled by how incredibly unhealthy this sandwich has to be.

Do you think it sounds gross or delicious to eat a chicken doughnut sandwich?