It must be hard to be a celebrity. Whenever you post a photo, there are always those people with so much to say—and most of the time, it has absolutely nothing to do with the intention of the photo in the first place.

That’s part of the reason why Kelly Ripa doesn’t post to her Instagram page very often. But she finally decided that she was going to post a family photo while they were on a European vacation.

It’s a lovely photo of her whole family, all nicely bronzed and dressed in white. “Last year’s graduation trip for our oldest son and niece was delayed long enough to become a graduation trip for the family newborns as well!” the caption read.

Most people commented on the photo acknowledging her “beautiful family” or how lovely he photo was. But most people couldn’t help but comment on her feet!

The photo shows Kelly standing with her legs crossed behind one another—and because of the angle, at quick glance, you might only see one foot. Of course, we all know that Kelly has two feet! But people of the Internet can’t help but speculate.


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“This is crazy but where are your feet?” one person wrote.

“Why does Kelly only have one foot?” someone else questioned.

“Kelly is missing a leg!” another noted.

Some people inadvertently commented on her foot, noting all the comments about her chopped feet were just crazy.

“Good gosh people is this all people have time to do is talk about a foot articles everywhere. Just enjoy their family sharing of photos and move on. Way more people have to think on then a foot,” someone said.

Don’t worry, Kelly addressed the issue head on (foot on?) on her recent episode of The Live! with Kelly and Ryan. She was completely mystified as to why people couldn’t look passed her feet. She nailed her comeback to the Internet commenting on her feet with a simple explanation and demonstration.

“I stand like this a lot in photos,” she explained on the show while sowing the audience, even taking her shoes off to prove her point.

Later on her Instagram stories, she called her the people talking about her feet “weirdos” and demonstrated how she’s standing once more.

“I don’t know, maybe I’m just jet-lagged, but can you explain to me why people are fixated on my feet in a family photo?” she asked.

Clearly, people just always have something to say! Don’t worry—to confirm once more, Kelly still has both of her feet. They are in all the other photos, after all!

What do you think of all the talk bout Kelly’s feet? Did you notice that it looked like she just had one?