It seems that Kelly Clarkson can’t catch a break. Sure, you can say that she must have a great life because she’s a huge star and even has her own TV show. She is definitely an American Idol success story and has come a very long way since her first audition for the show that made her famous.

Despite great career success, Kelly is not having a very easy life right now. Her personal life basically fell apart over the summer when she and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, called it quits.

Kelly and Brandon are both from divorced homes, so they know that divorce is more than about the end of their relationship. They have children to think about and to protect.

Kelly opened up about the end of her marriage on the premiere of her TV show saying, “What I’m dealing with is hard because it involves more than just my heart. It involves a lot of little hearts. We have four kids. And divorce is never easy. And we’re both from divorced families so we know the best thing here is to protect our children and their little hearts.”

She also said that, “2020 has brought a lot of change also to my personal life. Definitely didn’t see anything coming that came.”

Here’s another thing she definitely didn’t see coming. Her former husband’s father is suing her for $1.4 million. Narval Blackstock, Brandon’s father, is more than just Kelly’s former father-in-law. He also runs Starstruck Management Group, the management company that Kelly has worked with since 2007. 

According to Variety, Starstruck Management Group issued a claims that states, “Over the course of approximately 13 years, Starstruck developed Clarkson into a mega superstar. By way of example only, Starstruck was instrumental in helping Clarkson achieve success in terms of numerous hit albums, multiple Grammy wins and nominations, her role on popular television shows like ‘The Voice’ and her own talk show. Despite Starstruck’s hard work and dedication, Clarkson has decided she is going to stop paying Starstruck for what is contractually owed.”

According to the claim, Kelly owes the management company $1.4 million in commission for “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and “The Voice.” It appears that the contract between Kelly and the management group is not in writing but was a verbal contract negotiated by her attorney via a phone call back in 2007. 

Kelly has paid the management company a 15% commission on her gross earnings for the past 13 years, and they want to make sure they get their full 15% commission in 2020 as well.

Do you think Starstruck Management Group was in the right to sue Kelly?