We all (hopefully) know that raw meat can be an issue of food safety in the kitchen. Cross-contamination and the spreading of bacteria from these raw fishes and meats is a very real concern that shouldn’t be taken lightly. While you might wash your hands after touching raw meat and make sure to thoroughly wash any plates or utensils that come in contact with raw meat, there are some lesser known hacks that can help you keep your kitchen clean and safe. Watch the video below to learn about how you can avoid dangerous food contamination.

Whether it’s fish, beef, or chicken, raw meat carries contaminants that should be kept away from other food at all costs. That means keeping surfaces, dishware, and hands clean after coming in contact with this meat.

While washing is always a good idea, here are a few tips to be even more cautious in the kitchen.

TIP 1: When you’re working with any raw meat on a cutting board, cover the surface with plastic wrap. This way, when you’re done with the meat, you can just ball up the plastic wrap and throw it away. We would still suggest cleaning the surface, but that extra barrier will help delay the transfer of bacteria.

TIP 2: For seasonings, combine salt and ground pepper into a small bowl. Then, when you’re seasoning raw meat, you won’t have to wash your hands before touching each container. This is always a problem for me, so I will definitely be using this tip!

TIP 3: Always disinfect your sponge! It’s great that you always clean your surface after they come in contact with raw meat, but those germs just get trapped inside your sponge. Gross. To easily disinfect, boil your sponge in hot water for five minutes.

Do you have any tips for keeping your kitchen clean? Share your ideas in the comments section below.