If you have a pool in your backyard, you have to know that sometimes, your friends and family are going to mooch off of it. That’s just the life of a pool owner!

But what about your neighbors’ kids? Is it okay for them to come play in the pool at any given time?

One woman asked Reddit in the popular “Am I The A**hole?” forum to see if she was being a jerk for building a fence to keep the neighborhood kids out of the pool.

So here’s the story: This woman was able to buy her dream home after receiving an inheritance from a family member—and that dream home happened to come with a gorgeous pool to relax in. Keyword: Relax in. This woman loved her privacy and quiet time.

However, as it turned out, the owners she bought the pool from used to let the neighbors’ three kids (ages 16, 14 and 11) come over and swim in it any time.

“I told [the mother] I was uncomfortable with that arrangement, but perhaps they could come over OCCASIONALLY if they don’t abuse the privilege,” the woman explained.

Well, occasionally apparently mean tall of the time. “Cue the children abusing the privilege all summer,” the woman said. “Every time I was out swimming, it would not be long before Chad and Brad would run over and jump in, followed by Lea with her floaties.:

She added that since the boys were teens, they were far from swimming quietly. Or if it happened just once a week. Or if they didn’t bring over friends. But apparently, all of those things were issues!

She had it. This was her house, after all. She decided to put a fence up. Obviously, the main reason was to ensure her privacy, but also because she was getting a dog and needed him to be able to be contained.

“[The mom] asked, a little choked up if I was depriving her kids of our pool,” the woman wrote. “‘OUR’ POOL?? I told her how in the beginning I had said they could use the pool as long as they did not abuse the privilege, and they did. I said now they can only come over if invited.”

Of course, getting so much backlash from the neighbors, she had to know: Who is the jerk here?

The general consensus: This woman is NOT a jerk. In fact, people were even giving her suggestions on how to give herself even more privacy.

“However high you were planning on building this fence? Make it a foot higher,” someone said.

“I’d install cameras too in case those kids try to come over without permission,” someone else suggested.

What are your thoughts—who do you think is the jerk in this situation?