If Thanksgiving were a cake, gravy would be the cherry on top of the incredible meal you’ve been slaving away to prepare. So if the gravy is freezing cold by the time you’re ready to drizzle it on everyone’s turkey and mashed potatoes, it’s almost an insult to all your hard work!

How is anyone going to be able to focus on how the new brine you used on your turkey or your fabulous candied yams when your gravy has gone all cold and sticky?

Don’t worry, icy gravy is not going to upstage your fantastic cooking. We have the perfect tip to keep your gravy warm from prep right to the start of the meal – and you might be shocked by how simple it is to pull off.

Chef with carafe.America's Test Kitchen

All you need to keep your gravy perfectly warm is a coffee carafe. Seems weird, but the industrial build of a carafe is perfect for keeping the warmth of freshly made gravy contained, and that is not leaking out.

In fact, it will work so well that you can make your gravy at the start of your meal (if your recipe will allow it) and it will stay warm for the rest of the meal prep until it’s time to serve the food.

The real trick to using this carafe effectively is to boil a pot or kettle of water. Pour that piping hot water into the carafe and let it sit for about a half hour; this will help to warm up the internal metal of a carafe.

Pouring warm gravy onto Thanksgiving dinner.DepositPhotos

Next, you’ll want to pour in your gravy and immediately seal the container up. With the heated metal, the thick exterior, and the tight-seal of the carafe, this will keep your gravy warm for hours and hours.

It might be a surprising use for your coffee carafe (make sure you give it a really thorough wash afterwards!) but it might be one of our favorite Thanksgiving hacks to date.

Thanks to America’s Test Kitchen, you’ll never have to suffer through too-cold gravy again!

What do you think of this Thanksgiving trick? Will you be using this surprising hack to keep your gravy fresh this holiday? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.