Whether you have a cat bed for your kitten, or set up a special place in the living room with their toys, it seems that their preferred spot is always the kitchen counter. And while it’s not dangerous for them to be so high up due to their nimbleness and extendible claws excellent for climbing, that’s not quite ideal when you’re trying to whip up a batch of cookies or getting ready to host a dinner party.

So what can you do when your cat refuses to stop leaping onto your kitchen island or granite countertops? Here are the top ways to prevent your cat from jumping up and get them off the counters for good.

  1. Layer it with aluminum foil

    While it may not necessarily go with your décor, placing foil onto your countertops is a great way to deter your cat from jumping onto it. They hate the rustling sound that it makes when they walk on it, so chances are, the second they jump up and hear that sound, they’ll jump right back down—and may not even attempt it again. Place a few sheets onto the spot they love to jump on most and see how they react the next time they try it. Sandpaper may also work.

  2. Try double-sided tape

    Place the tape on the places where your cat jumps the most—cats absolutely hate the feel of stickiness and will be repelled almost immediately. Just make sure you get a brand that won’t mess up your countertop material. And don’t worry, this won’t hurt them—just prevent them from jumping onto your countertops!

  3. Try a scent repellent

    Did you know that cats have 40 times more odor-sensitive cells in their noses than humans do? They’re super sensitive to smell, especially to citrus. Try leaving an orange or lemon peel out on the counter and see what happens. You can also try using a citrus-based essential oil—scented oils like citronella, lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, and orange would be great in this situation. Either make one or buy your own.

  4. Get rid of the view and sun

    Typically, cats jump on the counter because of how they feel when they’re there—maybe there’s sun streaming in, a cool plant they like on the counter, or a nice view of the bird feeder. Try closing the blinds or getting rid of plant—whatever the thing may be—just temporarily, until they stop leaping up.

  5. Spray them with water

    Indoor cats hate getting wet. Keep a spritz bottle of water around and give them a quick spray whenever they jump on the counter. They may keep doing it for a while, but if you’re consistent enough with the water, they may start to associate getting wet and counter-jumping, and will eventually quit the habit. Of course, just don’t soak ’em til they’re drenched!

  6. Place something noisy on the counter

    The goal here is to place the noisy object in the line of where the cat usually jumps (which can be a little tricky, but eventually you’ll get it) so that they will accidentally knock it down, frightening them, and causing them to associate the noise with the counter and not jump up again. Try placing a few pennies in a tin can and leaving it up there, or even a can of beans will work.

  7. Try clicker training

    If all else fails, it’s time to purchase a pet clicker and start training them to not like the counters. Basically, when they jump on the counter, you tell them some kind of cue word, like “off.” When they follow directions, click the clicker and give them some kind of treat for positive reinforcement. It works!

Does your cat like to jump up on the counter? How did you get him or her to stop?