Katy Perry Had Less-Than-Kind Things to Say About Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress

When some people are asked for their opinions – whether it’s for reporters or not – they can’t seem to help not holding back. This is exactly what happened when Katy Perry was asked about her thoughts on Meghan Markle’s wedding gown.

Now, we’re not sure why she was asked specifically about the duchess’s bridal fashion, but she was not shy with her criticism. Entertainment Tonight caught up with the judges during an American Idol finals event, and asked them how they felt about the royal wedding. Everyone had sweet things to say, with Perry adding this:

“I’m so happy for them, and, you know, I don’t know them from Adam, but it’s amazing what she’s doing with all this, her humanitarian efforts. You know, the fact that she’s a proud feminist, I love all that. I support her as another woman and love her and wish them both well.”

But when questioned on her thoughts about the gown, Katy responded:

“I would have done one more fitting. I’m never not going to tell the truth! One more fitting, but I love you.”

She then quickly followed up that she favored Duchess Kate’s wedding day look instead:

“Kate, Kate, Kate won, Kate won!”

Some people viewed Katy’s commentary as a backhanded compliment, and found it odd that she praised Markle as a feminist in one sentence but then turned around and compared both women’s fashion choices, pitting them against each other. It seemed shady and catty to turn things into a criticism and competition.

A few folks thought she just made a simple statement based on her personal opinion, and that it was no big deal. We get that everyone was excited to see what Meghan would be wearing and either loved her dress or didn’t, but what matters is that Meghan was happy with it. And Prince Harry was certainly floored.

The couture gown was designed by Clare Waight Keller, artistic director for Givenchy and featured a bateau neckline with a custom embroidered veil. To bring the design to life, both Keller and Markle had secret meetings and fittings that took place over several months.

Meghan wanted to keep it modern with clean lines, a sculpted waist, and 3/4-length sleeves. Shots of her leaving the car to ascend the steps at Windsor Castle showcase the soft silhouette of the gown.

Besides Meghan and Keller, the one person who was happy with the design was Prince Harry. During the wedding photo shoot, he made a point to thank Keller and tell her his bride looked stunning. And he was absolutely right!

We have a feeling those are the things that matter more than Katy Perry’s candid critique. The AI judge has been no stranger to creating small controversies this year during her stint on the show, but we’re confident this one will fade into the background soon.

What do you think of Katy Perry’s comments? Do you have your own opinion on Meghan’s dress? Would you have voiced it like Katy?