Singer Justin Bieber has had a collaborative relationship with retailer H&M for years now. H&M has released merchandise featuring the singer’s likeness on several occasions. We can only assume that the retailer got Bieber’s approval of the merchandise each time before it hit store shelves.

Recently, H&M launched another line of merchandise featuring Bieber and his song lyrics; however, this time Bieber did something rather unusual when he saw the new line. He didn’t promote it. Instead, he specifically told his fans not to buy it.

Bieber turned to his Instagram stories to share a message with his fans and followers. He wrote, “I didn’t approve of any of the merch collection that they put up at H&M .. all without my permission and approval SMH I wouldn’t buy it if I were you.”

Just in case that message wasn’t clear enough. Bieber went on to make it even clearer. He clarified that he wasn’t just upset that H&M allegedly didn’t get his approval before releasing the merchandise. He also made it very clear what he thinks about the designs they launched. He explained, “The H&M merch they made of me is trash and I didn’t approve it. Don’t buy it.”

Two days after Bieber’s comments about the new H&M line, the retailer has pulled all of the merchandise. It can no longer be found online or on store shelves. This merch included a tote bag, a sweater dress, a hoodie and various other items all with either a picture of Bieber or lyrics from his songs featured on the items.

Even though H&M pulled the products, the retailer claims that they did get Bieber’s approval. According to a statement from the retailer, “H&M has followed all proper approval procedures, as we have done in this case, but out of respect for the collaboration and Justin Bieber, we have removed the garments from selling.”

If you’re itching to buy merchandise Bieber does approve of, there is plenty available. He sells merchandise on his website, and he has his own fashion brand called Drew House.

Does it surprise you that Bieber would slam H&M? Do you believe H&M that they did get Bieber’s approval, or do you believe Bieber that he didn’t approve the products? Does it surprise you that H&M pulled the products due to Bieber’s post?