Embarking on a weight loss journey takes commitment, confidence, and motivation. Not every plan works for every person, but many find success through two things: with diet and exercise.

Health expert, author, and nutritionist Joy Bauer knows a thing or two about healthy weight loss. Her Joy Fit Club is made up of people who have lost at least 100 pounds through exercise and diet regimens. Joy regularly introduces new members of the club during a segment on the Today show.

In this clip, we meet Jacqueline Adad, a 29-year-old woman who had a history of obesity since childhood. When she hit college, eating junk food took its toll and her weight went up dramatically. Her weight peaked at 510 pounds, causing her to become withdrawn and self-conscious. It was during that time that she got a wakeup call.

Out enjoying some time at Disneyland with her boyfriend, Jacqueline stood line, moving along until it was their turn to get on a ride. Then it happened. She got stuck in the turnstile. She eventually freed herself, joking with her boyfriend about it. Inside though, Jacqueline was hurting and went into a restroom to cry.

Image of woman before losing weight.TODAY

The incident was Jacqueline’s turning point. She joined a weight loss program, exercised at home with videos, and lost an astonishing 350 pounds! Her hard work earned her a spot in the Joy Fit Club, but more importantly a ticket to better health.

Get a load of Jacqueline now! To conquer any thoughts of impossibility, Jacqueline says that she only focused on small goals while working on her weight. Her system kept her motivated and patient as the pounds dropped off.

The fashionista also shares that she is now engaged to her boyfriend and happily shopping for wedding dresses. Watch the video to see Jacqueline make her grand entry through a turnstile.

Joy’s other guest is John Benedetto who weighed over 300 pounds before being pushed to change his habits. The deaths of two people close to him were the catalyst he needed to seek assistance. A doctor helped him launch a nutrition plan and he started cooking at home.

Before working on his weight, John estimates he was eating roughly 3,500 calories a day. With a healthy diet and daily fitness routine, he lost 185 pounds and was able to get off his medications. John is now an avid cyclist! As a small reward to himself, he has one indulgent treat that he looks forward to each week: a trip to the bakery for a glass of wine and a cupcake. Sounds good!

Click on the video to see the amazing results these two accomplished by taking control of their own health. Joy’s Joy Fit Club success stories help to inspire others who are having similar experiences with weight gain and loss.

Though no plan is a one-size-fits-all, docs consider cutting back on calories and upping physical exercise as keys to long-term success. For Jacqueline and John, the rewards have been worth it.

What do you think about these incredible transformation stories? Do you have your own weight loss story to share?