The last time we gave you an update on Joanna Gaines was when we reported on her giving birth to the newest member of the Fixer Upper family, a little boy named Crew Gaines. The mother of five–yes, FIVE!- had released an adorable photo of her and her newest addition, relaxing in a hospital room post-birth. Joanna donned her signature Mona Lisa smile and Crew…well, Crew was simply snoozing away. Hey, we’re guessing this mom of many didn’t mind the break one bit!

It’s been 4 months since we updated you on the happy birth and, amazingly, Joanna is already back at work, spreading her passion for home design to television audiences everywhere. This time it was for TODAY; it was an interview that was supposed to focus on her newly-released design book, “Homebody,” but when hosts Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie laid their eyes on little Crew, the interview, inevitably, took a big turn.

About half-way through the chat, Joanna decided to bring the little guy onto the stage, and Guthrie held the sleeping angel while the new mom of five gushed about her tiny son. She called him a “gift” and also said that time has really “slowed down” since his arrival.

And, because Gurthie and Kotb wouldn’t be great interviewers if they didn’t ask at least one probing question, they went ahead and inquired about the status of the family’s size–i.e. would she and Chip be having any MORE kids?

As five isn’t exhausting enough, right?

But, Joanna was as relaxed as ever answering the personal question. “I love the process of being pregnant, I love giving birth,” the design maven admitted. She even took it further by saying that Chip wants six kids and that he does want Crew to “have a sister.”

So, we’re not too sure if that means the handy couple will go for a sixth (or seventh or eighth!), but it does confirm that they love being parents.

In the interview, Joanna also gave an update on the rest of the happy kiddos, saying that they are all doing well and enjoying life on “the farm.” As we’ve told you before, the Gaines live in the very same city that made them famous, Waco, Texas. There, they reside on a 40-acre farm with their now six kids and–wait for it– over 60 animals!

And, you thought you had it bad having to pick up after your little one’s forgotten hamster…

We could just go on and on about this inspirational momma! To learn more about Joanna Gaines’ newest addition, as well as her new book “Homebody,” be sure to watch the video below. Spoiler alert: you will also be graced with a Chip sighting, too!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Joanna and Chip Gaines’ newest addition. Are you surprised that Joanna is back to work after such a short time out of the spotlight? Are you a fan of the Gaines family? Do you plan on reading her book?